Have you decided to enlarge your friends’ circle? Would you like to converse with any stranger like you do to your close friend? If you're wondering about how to start a conversation with a stranger, take note of the following 8 tips...

1) Be in a relaxed state of mind and maintain your composure. By being casual and free from all kinds of worries, you can take time to spend with strangers.

2) For an effective two-way communication, eye contact is very important. Don't stare though. Just look at them in an interested manner and greet them with a pleasant smile.

3) Talk about common points. If you went for shopping and the stranger is also purchasing the same kind of stuff, you can talk about the product. Your comment will be reciprocated with their own ideas and opinions. In this way, you will apply the grease to roll the conversation.

4) If you're attending a party, you can talk about how you were invited to the party and how you're enjoying the event. If the other person is pointing out about other aspects like dance, music and food, you should be able to shift your gears so that the conversation can be rolled in a smooth manner.

5) To talk to a stranger or break the ice so that you can establish a new channel of communication, you must select a topic or theme that is very popular among the public. Search the internet for the most popular trends. But avoid such topics as politics, religion and the like. If you perceive that the stranger is arrogant in their replies, you could limit your words and it should be taken as a signal to stop your conversation.

6) You can learn how to start a conversation with a stranger by going through various books on the topic. When you are equipped with the knowledge and experience of others, it will be a cakewalk to talk with anyone. There are great chances to find lifelong friends with a single session (or few minutes) with a stranger.

7) You can talk about your hobbies. There are various sports, games and movies of interest. You can carry out the conversation in an effortless manner by selecting a wide range of topics.

8) Let the other speak. Listening may even be more important than talking. By giving room for listening and knowing more about the other person's interests and personality, you will get them to like you even more.

Learn how to start a conversation with a stranger and it will reward you with awesome friendships and social success.

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