I’m over the moon that it is spring! The tulips are blooming and the cherry blossoms are getting ready to show us all their pink glorious splendor. The Earth starts revealing herself to the world after a long winter slumber. For me, spring is a chance to get outside into nature and soak it in. At winter’s end, I have become a restless woman who has been told to wait too long for the race to begin. Spring is my opportunity to start fresh, to burst forth with new energy, new vitality, and new life. It means all that pent up energy I’ve been containing can be released into something big and something new. My creative force wells within me. Do you ever feel that you have all these new ideas, new plans, all which have been building momentum all winter, and now are ready to be revealed? I feel that everything takes on an air of excitement in the spring.

So, the question then becomes: How do you not lose that motivational fire that burns with new ideas and new possibilities? How do you stoke it so it burns all summer long into fall, then into winter? Spring gives you that energy boost to start working toward making those plans manifest, so you can joyfully watch them actualize. The key is to use that power and creative force that is driven by spring’s rebirth and Mother Earth’s renewal to your highest potential, instead of just allowing it to dissipate into your daily ritual and routine. The challenge is how to harness that energy and funnel it into creating and manifesting your goals, such as securing more clients, more sales, a new relationship, a move, a new start, learning something new. It is a powerful time of year to jump into that next best thing you desire for yourself.

The first thing to do to use that creative force is to get back into your body, to get grounded and rooted into her or him, and then solidly onto Mother Earth. The only true and powerful way to create is by being in your body. It is very difficult to create the next big thing for your life, to actualize it, if you are only half present. The best way to get present and to get back into your body is through mindfulness and the breath. Breathe! Breathe deeply and calmly. Take a minute to focus on your breathing when you start to feel scattered and fidgety. Breathe when your mind starts grabbing and reaching for external things to distract you. Distraction is the Ego’s way to take you off purpose and your goals. The Ego is a distractor and is disempowering. The next step, after focusing on your breath, is to imagine bringing the breath down into your feet as white light. Imagine the light turning into deep roots going down into the earth, anchoring you onto the planet. This will allow you to feel safe, connected, and balanced. It will arrest any discordant feelings within you. You will be able to concentrate on one action and task at a time with no distractions.

After you have grounded yourself, start to make your spring renewal list. Put down all those things you desire, and your heart has been aching to achieve, to create and manifest this year. You will feel so empowered as you move toward accomplishing your dreams while utilizing the Earth’s powerful renewal energy. I suggest setting realistic goals, baby steps in some cases, that you can channel your energy towards, develop momentum, and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when they are achieved—take a short walk every day for exercise, engage in 10-minute meditations to quiet the mind, eat one super healthy organic meal each day, reconnect with one old friend each week by email or phone, perform a daily random act of kindness, volunteer, donate clothes or food. Then, consider some of your bigger dreams. Start researching and planning that trip you have always wanted to take. Schedule it, start putting money away for it, and make it happen. Do you have an idea for a new business? Start by coming up with a name, have business cards printed, purchase the URL. Do some research on what you need to put in place to create your new business. Hire a coach or a Soul Therapist to assist you with your desires for change. Take those steps in the direction you need to go, want to go, so that this time next year you’ve made those things happen. Make all those genuine desires you have been carrying in your heart as “to dos” become realities! You don’t need to try to do all these things, just some of them, maybe even just one, and you will feel renewed and energized as you break the stagnation cycle and start the growth cycle of life.

The last piece in your spring renewal plan is to set your priorities on what will increase your happiness, reduce your anxiety, and allow you to relieve any aspect of your life that has been weighing on your spirit, such as your job, your finances, your relationships, your health, both spiritual and physical. Focus your divine positive creative energy on the aspect of your life that is calling for change and renewal. That is where you start. Then, take those steps to move toward your happiness, one step at a time! What will your planted seeds bring to fruition this spring?

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has been certified from Soul Therapy School International, Toronto Canada. In addition, to assisting individuals utilizing Soul Therapy, Carolyn is a Past Life Regressionist and has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada. Carolyn Goldfarb has been involved in self empowerment for over 20 years and has studied under Deborah Skye King is the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy and is North America's #1 Soul Therapist®, & President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® and Craig Junjulas, President of Higher Self Discovery ™. Carolyn’s mission is to assist individuals in their realignment with their soul, their life purpose, their divine essence and their true magnificence.