If you are a recent arrival in the United States, you must make a few considerations for your transition to be successful and make your dream work - this includes setting up your finances well. 


How can you manage your finances in a new country? What should be your initial steps right after moving? What should you explore to ease the process? Moving to another country may probably be the most expensive venture you will take. Also, you have to adjust to a new currency. 


Consult your immigration lawyer for more in-depth financial routes to help you avoid common financial mistakes. Here are five essential pieces of financial advice for you to consider before you move abroad: 

  • Start saving now. 

The first step in setting up a well-planned financial track in the United States is to prepare. If you are seriously thinking of living abroad, start saving now. 


It is best to prepare and invest your savings for ten months’ worth of living expenses before moving abroad. However, take note that the exact amount is highly dependent on your lifestyle. Always consider your job, current exchange rate, local network abroad, and family status. 

  • Calculate possible cost of living. 

The cost of living differs per state in the U.S. The most expensive states to live in the country this 2021 include New York, Hawaii, Washington, and California. 


Cost of living includes all your expenses related to everyday living. Choosing an appropriate state considers expenditures for food, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, healthcare costs, and taxes. Each state has its laws and tax regulations. It’s best to review this with your immigration lawyer, who understands the local laws. 

  • The right financial institution for you. 

When moving to the United States, it is best to research banks before going to that country. There are many different kinds of financial companies and services available - whether commercial banks, credit unions, local banks, investment companies, or online-only banks - know what is appropriate to your situation. It is best to consult an immigration lawyer or finance professional for this matter. 

  • Building credit from zero. 

Credit score, also known as FICO score, plays a vital tagline in your lifestyle in America. It is the number that financial institutions use to determine the likelihood you’ll pay back a new loan. 


You’ll have to start building a credit score from scratch. The simplest way to manage this is by paying bills on time and not overextending yourself with credit. 

  • Be dynamic. 

There is no perfect financial plan before moving abroad. Therefore, once you move abroad, track your living expenses for a few months and see how your budget stacks up. You can then adjust your spending accordingly. 


Note that the United States tax system is highly complicated. Because of its complexity, it’s important to consult with an immigration lawyer or financial expert as soon as you move to the United States. 

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Hassan awan