When you constantly think about what you desire way too much and notice that you are not receiving what you are asking for, you are actually creating a subconscious block which is keeping you from your desires. Negative energy such as fear as one example could be the very reason why people are being blocked from their desires. Feeling your feelings is the key to releasing and clearing the negative energy you are holding. Let go of the fear or whatever the negativity is, and let in a new cycle of energy.

Note: The field is very literal so you have to be very careful in how you choose your words. If you want something really bad and you keep thinking about it and you say you want "this" or "that" to happen in your life, the field says "Okay, and I'll let you want and want and want because there is no outcome". It's like an open-ended proposition.

My advice is to write down your desires in the present tense (stay away from words like no, not, and don't) on a piece of paper in cursive writing and read it to yourself 3 times a day. Then let go of the outcome. Get on with your day and don't think about how it's going to manifest. If you do start thinking about it, quickly observe it and immediately distract yourself and focus on gratitude for what you have in your life now and how happy you are on the inside and outside. Keep yourself busy and off of the outcome no matter what. If you declare what you want precisely, the Universe will re-arrange things and make it happen for you and always in ways you never expected.

The next step is to visualize that you are already where you want to be. For example if you want to manifest a healthy relationship with a mate, you might visualize this person with all of the qualities you are looking for. You imagine the fun you have together, the team work you share, imagine the wedding, the honeymoon location, the house you will buy together, the children and who they will look like, etc. and keep going with it regularly and systematically.

When you have a lot of passion towards goals or manifesting your desires, things start happening fast! Enjoy the ride and remember to feel good and be aware of your feelings at all times. Just thinking positively is not enough. You need to both think and feel good, not one or the other. Good Luck!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Reverend Jennie Reve-Almodovar. I am the Founder and President of YourJourney2Joy. I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach currently located in Queens, New York and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Just to give you some background about me, after 13 successful years in a Retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection career, I finally decided after some contemplation that what I really yearned for was to live my life to the fullest, on "my own" terms, enjoy life and continue to appreciate how it works. I had a strong desire to do what I love to do which is studying and teaching The Law Of Attraction. A big part of my certification at the International College Of Metaphysical Theology was first learning a lot about myself, finding my inner joy, reaching unattainable goals, sticking to them and basically taking the fear and uncertainty I had inside me and replacing it with curiosity. Once I received my certification, I knew if I can accomplish this, I can certainly guide a willing individual on to the path of their own "Journey2Joy" and do it successfully. In just a few year's time I was able to manifest a number of wonderful and exciting experiences in my life that at one time I would never have dreamed would be possible! Life keeps getting better and better for me because the possibilities are now limitless!