Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of any online campaign. This is because keywords have a direct influence on the type of traffic a website will receive and therefore the level of profitability. That being said, the following are the main things to consider when looking into how to research keywords.
1. Use long tail keywords

Most guides about how to research keywords say that you should use keywords with more than three words. This is because single keywords tend to be generic and thus don’t convert into sales. They are also very competitive because companies and marketers with large budgets bid very highly for them. Also, most people on the internet do not use single words when searching for something. Long tail keywords are therefore more specific and have less competition which means that they are cheaper and convert better.

2. Use specialized keywords

When looking into how to research keywords, you’ll find that it is better to use keywords that best describe the product or service being marketed. This will allow you to get high quality traffic for your product. For instance, if you are selling a laptop computer, use keywords like ‘used Acer laptop in New York’. Specialized terms like this will allow you to prevent people looking for new computers, people from other countries and the like. This therefore means that the likelihood of making a sale increases with these types of keywords. Guides on how to research keywords also suggest using these specialized terms on niche sites for SEO purposes.

3. Use popular keywords

Using popular terms is one of the most important pointers of how to research keywords. You have to find out what terms people are using to find the kind of product or service you are marketing. Forming a list of these popular terms and incorporating them into your online campaign and website will put you on the fast track to online success. All guides on how to research keywords concur on the fact that the best place to find these popular terms is by using online keyword research tools. Some of them include:
• Word tracker
• Keyword discovery
• Google keyword research tool
• Google trends
• Overture keyword selector
Each of these keyword research tools has their own method of finding popular keywords. Others also have unique features like uncovering competitors’ keywords, looking for relevant domains etc.

4. Use mildly competitive terms

After finding popular, specialized and long tail keywords, you should drop those that are highly competitive. Competitive keywords mean that there are many other marketers using them causing them to be very expensive. You will therefore not be able to effectively compete with companies that have large advertising budgets. You should also avoid using keywords that have very low ranking. Find a way to get high front page ranking for a relevant keyword without having to result to paying more for them.

In a nutshell, guides on how to do keyword research all show that this is the most time consuming and important aspect of internet marketing. It should be taken seriously by anyone that wants to build lasting campaigns.

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