Dropbox is a popular cloud storage and files-sharing service. It holds a sophisticated and secure server to store all your data and keep them updated across all your devices. The free version offers limited storage of 2 GB, so you may encounter the ‘limited storage space prompt’ often. Well, upgrading to the premium version isn’t the only option to get rid of the error message, you can also consider identifying and removing clone files to recover a genuine amount of space for storing your valuable files.

So, if you are searching for a convenient way to find and remove duplicates from Dropbox, you should use a dedicated Dropbox Duplicate Finder. In this guide we will discuss the best way to find and delete duplicates from Dropbox using Duplicate Files Fixer. It’s a renowned tool in the cleaning utilities, designed and developed by Systweak Software. Its single scan will be able to locate and list clone images, videos, documents, music & other files from both internal/external storage and from cloud space like Dropbox and Google Drive.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the functionalities of Duplicate Files Fixer and how we can utilize the application to recover a significant amount of storage space in one go.

INTRODUCING – Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is an extraordinary software to find and remove duplicate photos, videos, documents, audios and other multimedia files on Windows, Mac & Android. Known for its robust scanning engine that accurately identifies duplicates and similar-looking files, DFF is one of the best duplicate image cleaners at the moment. The application supports almost all popular text, audio, video and static image formats.

Here’s a list of incredible features offered by this Dropbox Duplicate Finder:

● User-friendly dashboard; suitable for all kinds of users.
● Rapid and accurate detection of clones.
● Drag & Drop feature to scan dupes.
● Detects exact & similar-looking duplicate files based on content, not on filename or format.
● Allows you to exclude specific folders from scanning.
● A classified preview of duplicate files is displayed; for easy reviewing.
● Auto-mark duplicates option to automatically select detected replica files.
● Recovers chunks of storage space in each scan.
● Supports internal/external storage & cloud-based solutions like Google Drive & Dropbox.
● Supports over fourteen languages; English, French, German etc.

License Free/Pro
Pricing $39.95
File Size 6.48 MB
Compatibility Windows, Mac & Android
Money-Back Guarantee 60-Days

How To Find & Remove Duplicates From Dropbox?

This is how you can use Duplicate Files Fixer, the best Dropbox duplicate finder of 2021 to declutter your storage and free up space for storing valuable files on cloud-based solutions.

STEP 1 – Install and launch DFF on your device. Unlike other software, this Dropbox duplicate file finder is highly compatible with all popular Windows and Mac versions.

STEP 2 – A clean and straightforward interface will appear on your screen. If you want to scan your Desktop for duplicate cleaning - - utilize the drag and drop functionality to add folders on the go or click on the Add Folder button to add multiple folders.

STEP 3 – If you want to scan Dropbox for finding & removing duplicates, you have to choose the option from the right-side panel next to Scan Mode. Click on the drop-down arrow and select option Dropbox.

STEP 4 – After selecting the option, you need to grant necessary permissions and login to your Dropbox account to proceed. Add the folders you wish to scan and click OK!

STEP 5 – It would take a few moments for Duplicate Files Fixer to identify all the clone copies of text, documents, photos, videos and audios. A preview will appear on the screen, where you can easily review, mark and delete the unwanted duplicate files.

STEP 6 – Hit the Automark option, located at the top-left corner of the screen and this Dropbox duplicate file finder will automatically mark the unneeded exact and similar-looking files on your behalf. Hit the Delete Marked button to initiate the removal process!

A prompt will appear on your screen, asking whether you want to confirm that all the duplicates will be deleted from Dropbox. Click Yes to proceed!
How To Find & Delete Duplicates From Dropbox? (Manual Methods)

If you have a lot of time in your hands and you certainly don’t want to spend any penny in purchasing a Dropbox duplicate finder, here are manual way to locate and delete clone copies:
1. Check Files By Name
This is the traditional way to identify replicas of the same photos, videos, text files and more. Use the search bar to locate the same filename and delete them one-by-one.

2. Sift Through Dropbox Folders
If you have a plethora of folders stored on your Dropbox, open each one of them one-by-one and compare the filenames.

3. Set Up Smart Folder
This option is relevant for Mac users only. Smart Folder Feature helps users to gather all the Dropbox files (from different folders) at a single place. Once you have them, start deleting them to declutter space.

4. Find & Remove Duplicate Files On Dropbox Using Website
Follow the steps below to declutter your Dropbox space:
● Navigate to the Dropbox official website and log in to your account.
● Select ‘My Files’ section and apply criteria according to your choice to sort files.
● Since duplicate files usually have the same size and extension apart from name & content, set the criteria accordingly to start the sorting process.

● Once the files/folders are sorted, observe them one-by-one and check them for identical content. If they are just copies, select them and hit the Delete button.

Undoubtedly the manual way to find and delete duplicates in Dropbox seems complicated and time consuming, right?

Hence, we highly recommend users to choose a reliable Dropbox duplicate file finder like Duplicates Files Fixer by Systweak that provides hassle-free way to scan thousands of folders in one go, list them in a tabular format for quick preview & eliminate them in a click to recover a significant amount of space on Dropbox! You can read its complete review on top10pcsoftware

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