As people get older a lot of changes come about in their bodies that are a natural process of aging. One thing that happens is that dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles can develop around the eyes. These could make people appear a lot older than they wish to, especially the bags of skin that could form under the eyes. To understand how to remove eye bags it is important to learn a bit about their causes. The reasons of bags under the eyes may be categorized into two groups, those issues which are out of an individual?s control and those that could be controlled.

When the body gets older, the skin that surrounds the eyes can become thinner and stretched because the muscle tissues that support it get weaker and the elasticity of the skin also gets reduced due to aging. Production of some skin protecting proteins like collagen gets reduced as the body ages. Genetics and heredity do play an important role too, people whose mother and father had eye bags will most certainly get them too. Environmental issues like pollution and many different allergies could also produce swelling and irritation that leads to eye bags. These kinds of factors are those which are beyond the control and therefore you cannot do anything much about it.

You have numerous reasons which cause eye bags that can be certainly controlled and a couple of easy lifestyle modifications are the best how to remove eye bags options. Cigarette smoking is the main cause of skin aging, so do your eyes, skin and your overall health a favor and quit smoking. Puffy eye bags beneath the eyes can be the result of water retention and sometimes due to fat deposits. Intake of a healthy and wholesome diet that is low in sodium should help your body to eliminate surplus fluids and a daily exercise program is highly recommended as well to help your body drain fluids.

Even when you have been eating a well-balanced diet and working out regularly, eye bags can sometimes still appear. You have holistic and folk style remedies which could help as well as a couple of recommendations on prevention and protection. Be sure you get adequate sleep every day for the reason that chronic lack of sleep and emotional stress both cause eye bags formation. The sensitive skin which surrounds your eyes could be badly damaged by ultra violet rays, so while you are going to be out of doors put on a sunscreen lotion with a high spf factor and also a good pair of sunglasses.

Keeping cold compresses over the eyes is an effective way to reduce temporarily the size of bags under the eyes. Cool green tea bags have a natural substance that acts as an anti-inflammatory, so these are an excellent how to remove eye bags remedy. Cosmetic fillers are commonly employed by cosmetologists to eliminate or reduce eye bags and this form of treatment can last for more than a year. The only lasting solution to removing eye bags are a variety of surgical interventions. There are various types and they are all costlier so study them well before proceeding with them.

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