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In western culture, very little attention to the kidneys are placed. In fact, most of our lifestyle practices are quite harmful to the health of these organs which filter an enormous amount of wastes from our blood daily. Stress, anxiety, caffeine usage, poor diet, alcohol, exposure to environmental toxins etc. will all have a detrimental effect of this organ. In contrast, other cultures see the kidneys as the root of health and make efforts to live in harmony with natural laws and to rejuvenate kidney health periodically. It is no coincidence to see kidney trouble in very old pets as well…
Signs your kidneys need some TLC:
· Frequent anxiety/panic
· Tinnitus, vertigo and or hearing loss
· Lower back or knee pain
· Chronic dry throat
· Night sweats
· Insomnia
· Heat in the palms, soles, and or chest
· A lack of stamina

Obviously, to make a significant impact on the health of the organ we must first remove the insults: overwork, stress, chronic anxiety, poor diet, etc…
From there, foods and various tonics will work wonders to restore health.
Foods that are beneficial to the kidneys are those that provide ample nutrition without causing an undue amount of waste in the blood. Cabbage, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables assist the liver in phase II detoxification, that means that less toxins make their way to the blood stream. Blueberries in particular, although other berries are helpful, provide excellent nourishment directly to the kidneys in the form of antioxidants and also reduce the body’s glycemic load which is extremely important. Fish protein, especially wild caught salmon, tuna, herring, and even sardines are very helpful in providing protein without increasing the burden on the kidneys which other proteins do. Countries that consume a good amount of fish do not even experience kidney problems. Egg whites also are extremely helpful in this regard and are low in phosphorus. Olive oil is actually anti inflammatory and again where this is consumed daily the incidence of kidney problems is extremely low. Garlic is also quite helpful as it detoxifies the body and is antibacterial as well! Apples help to reduce the size of kidney stones and allow them to pass faster and more easily. Ginger can also assist with this.

Supplements that help kidney help can involve Chinese tonics which strengthen the kidney essence and meridian itself. Here are two I like, there are MANY though and the best practice is to do an assessment to see what is appropriate for your individual condition. Lastly, I began recommending a new product both for people and pets and we have seen phenomenal results too. It is based on foods and nutrients compatible with kidney rejuvenation. I cannot tell you in this article what it is as it can only be dispensed to current face to face clients per the manufacturer. Next week, we will explore the many benefits acupuncture can provide to your BRAIN! Do Not MISS this. Sign up! Here so you do not miss this. And don’t forget to visit our store! FREE Shipping!
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