Last year was not a good year personally. My 2013 New Year’s resolution was to have much different and favorable experiences. Up until 2 weeks ago, it was a failure of significant proportions. Two weeks ago or so, I decided to re-invent myself.

Now, my whole life has changed and changed for the better. I am in the Flow and all aspects of my life are going extremely well. Business has significantly picked up and I anticipate new heights. My family is strong and tightly knit. Same with friends. My passions, particularly martial arts have gone through the roof.

Whatever word you think is beyond Happiness, I am experiencing it. Daily. Actually, by the minute.

THIS is the life I want. And it is only just the beginning!


The short answer is that I re-invented myself.


By doing these steps:

1. Take action in all areas.

About a month ago, my wife and I decided to spend the entire weekend and build a website (which would become We started at 8am on Friday and did not finish until nearly midnight on Sunday. It was brutal. My eyes felt and probably looked like some type of lizard, buggy and red. It was not fun. We did it anyway.

On the surface, it was a great start to a new version of our business. We added things that were previously only talked about. In fact, we did everything that we talked about. The problem in the past was talking too much and doing too little. This weekend, we took strong, direct and clear action steps.

I also did this with all major areas in my life. As mentioned, the results have been outstanding.

Below the surface, it was an even strong move. A crystal clear message was sent to the Universe — THIS is what we want and we are willing to put the time and energy into having exactly this.

2. Align Energy.

The following weekend, action steps were taken to align energy.

I trained in the Black Sect style of Feng Shui many years ago and have become very skilled in this area. As such, the following Saturday, I took the outside of our home and revamped it, based upon Feng Shui principles. After about 4 hour, hot and tedious hours, the place looked fantastic. I focused on 2 major areas — finances/wealth region and helpful friends region. Four days later, we had our biggest (profitable) day of the year so far. 24 hours after that, I met several people and will be training in a martial art that I have wanted to learn for decades.


Hardly. Very predictable. Align energy and great things follow.

The next day, Lisa and I did the same thing for the inside of our home. It was shocking to me how stagnant and dark our home had become over the years. Over the course of about 5 hours we rearranged furniture, tossed out curtains and replaced old with newness.

After time, the inside was in perfect alignment, both with itself and with the outside.

One piece remained.

3. Be Truthful.

I lecture frequently and write even more frequently. One of the topics I feature is language and how words impact our lives. My favorite feature is “honesty” versus “truth.”

Honesty is accurate, but not complete. Truth is whole and pure. No excuse. No back doors.

Step three was to find a place where it was still and quiet, a place where I can find Truth in its clearest form. Few people are willing to do this as it can be very blunt and harsh. I was one of them. I used to live Truth but over the past 15 months or so, slipped back into the land of Honesty. Why? Who cares. It only matters that there was a return to Truth.

Boy was there a return to Truth. I asked the rough questions of myself and heard (and wrote) the unedited replies. This time however, I decided to do this in a different way — a softer, kinder fashion. I decided to treat me the way I treat my dog.

A strange thing happened. I found great answers but without the self imposed criticism or judgement that typically accompanied it. Dare I say, it was actually useful and . . . . . fun.

4. Do What You Love

You were not born to be a doctor or a teacher. You were born. Then you decided to do something. That is how it works (or at least the theory I am sticking to for the moment).

You can choose anything. There is only one single caveat, but it is a gigantic one — it must be something you love.

Right about now, some of you just finished rolling your eyes. I almost lost you. Hang in there for a moment.

You have heard it before. The first time, it made sense. By about the 4th time (second for some), it royally irritated you. I get it. It did the same to me too.

Until recently.

There are things that I love — martial arts, Disney marathon, learning Russian, reading, Shodo to name a few. I have made money with some of them but as of yet, not nearly enough to survive. (I expect this has already changed but this is for another time). Here is the catch — do what you do to pay the bills. . . for now.

BE SURE to do as much of what you love on a regular basis. Ditch the TV. Dial down facebook or annoying conversations with those who pretend to be your friend. Sleep when you are dead.

By doing what you love as much as you can, you will begin to align the energy, much in the same fashion as above. Plus, you will find new levels of happiness. And creativity. When these 2 appear in the same sentence, great things happen.

Worry and anxiety is replaced by passion and joy. Concern about the future is replaced by happiness in the Now. You are living your life. You are living your Tao.

Yes, 4 steps and you will find a new you. You may look the same, you may talk the same but it will be a new you.

Warning: The happiness, joy, abundance, energy, power, creativity, success. . . . . . . . It may take a bit of time to get used to.

About 4 seconds.

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