Physical traits aren't the only things that get passed down through your family generations. You can inherit negative feelings and emotions, as well. And this makes sense when you look at it from the perspective of resonance and energy. Everything is made of vibrating wave patterns of energy. Every thought, every word, every feeling, every emotion has its own vibrational frequency pattern. And when you were an infant, you synchronized your energy patterns to match your parents' vibrations. This is a natural bonding response and everyone does it. It's a survival mechanism that ensures that as a new baby you will "fit in" with your family unit.

So, how do negative emotions get passed down through the generations? Well, it works like this: Say your great-grandmother is leaving her home country to make a better life in a land that has more opportunity. She's probably feeling excited, but with that excitement she's also feeling fear. This feeling of fear is an energy pattern that she carries in her very cells and in her energy field. When she gives birth to your grandmother, your grandmother syncs up her energy to match your great-grandmother's and now your grandmother carries this particular vibration of fear. And guess what happens when your grandmother gives birth to your mother? That's right. Your mother entrains her energy to your grandmother's and now your mother carries this vibration of fear, too. And you do the same thing when you are born.

Here's how this scenario might play out in your life. Now, remember how this ancestral pattern started: your great-grandmother was about to make a positive move for herself and her family. So now, when it's time for you to take advantage of a positive opportunity that will improve your life or lead to your self-growth, you feel afraid. Now, feeling afraid is a common response when you're stepping out of your comfort zone. But the way to tell if it's an inherited emotion is if the fear stops you cold in your tracks. If you can't move beyond the fear, or if it takes every ounce of your reserves to make a move, then that's a signal it's an inherited emotion.

You see, it's extremely hard to move beyond inherited emotions. When you experience these emotional responses that you've inherited from your family generations, you unconsciously feel that you are being loyal to your family system and this ensures your place in the family. Unconsciously you feel that if you stop feeling these negative emotions then you risk being cast out of your tribe. This is why so many people struggle when it's time to move on to the next level; chances are they're dealing with an inherited emotion.

In the example, I used the emotion of fear, but you can inherit any negative emotion: anger, depression, shame, guilt, frustration, etc. In fact, lots of times these inherited emotions are so deeply buried that it's hard for you to put an exact name to them. But luckily you don't have to know how the emotion got started in your family and you don't have to name it, in order to free yourself from it.

How is this possible? Now, I didn't make any of this up; it's based on a synthesis of Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation Therapy and Chloe Wordsworth's Resonance Repatterning system. With this process, there's a modality designed to help you free yourself from these inherited emotions and at the same time move forward with confidence.

According to Hellinger, when you give back an inherited emotion your whole family benefits: You honor your ancestors and give them back their dignity, while at the same time you liberate yourself.

If this makes sense to you then you'll want to learn how you can free yourself from the inherited feelings that you carry out of loyalty to your family, parents and ancestors.

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Elizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner. Internationally respected as a caring and gifted healer, her clients experience successful outcomes with physical conditions, trauma, abuse, weight loss, increasing abundance and overall health & well-being. Download a Free audio on how Money Archetypes are affecting your level of abundance at