There you are, just in a few steps to answer all the questions that have been tormenting you all along. Was it your entire dream to learn and play a twelve string guitar? Are you worried whether you will ever play the twelve-string guitar perfectly just as you have been playing the string guitar? Here is the secret, playing this guitar is as easy as play any other guitar.

All you need is just dedication and concentration on the kind of sound produced on every step you make. To enhance your learning, you should refer to some 12 string guitar reviews of which this is a readily available for you. Take a keen study of this guide and you will turn out as an expert who will even teach other people how to play this kind of guitar.

Familiarize with the notes in the twelve string guitar

This is a very important beginning step to go especially for the focused person like you. Being that a twelve string guitar, just like any other guitar, has different notes that you have to know for a better learning of the process. Keep yourself better off by knowing first all the notes in the guitar that you use during the practice. This will help you play the two similar notes in a single strike since there are strings that pair up perfectly.
Employ the use of thumb rather than fingers when picking

At the beginning stage, start operating with the thumbs first. Being the easiest and the quickest tool to use, the thumbs will give you an easy time in picking the strings. Furthermore, the other fingers will find it even easier for the movement in the process of playing the guitar once the thumb is flexible enough to move around in picking the strings. In this process, you will strike your thumbs downwards first then you follow it with other fingers striking upwards.

Memorize the chords

Do you want to enhance your learning speed? For a better knowledge acquisition of the twelve-string guitar playing, ensure you know all the chords of the guitar. With this knowledge, you will be able to play what you know and consequently produce the sounds that you intend to. You will have an admirable step after knowing the chords.

Make your fingers flexible

It is obvious that when playing such music instruments, your fingers will not be rigid. When experiencing some rigidity with your fingers you will not find it that easy to move your fingers faster recommended. To achieve flexibility, ensure that the muscles that are connecting your fingers with the hand are relaxed. Doing this will lead to the quick movement of your fingers as you strike the strings hence you will find it easy and interesting to play the guitar.

Gain steadiness

Your dreams are becoming valid. Just keeps the fire burning. What you need to do in this case is to follow all the processes you have been going through in trying to exercise your skills. This will ensure that all the processes stick to your memory. As a result, you will find your fingers getting more and more used to the movements in picking, therefore, automatically becomes steady in your play.

Speed up

Are you satisfied with your accuracy and steadiness and eager to move to the next step? Don't hesitate, take the chance. Keeping up the speed is very simple. What you have to do is to try and move at a slightly higher speed that the one you have been operating with before. Do not pay attention to the failures you undergo in the process, just proceed, and do it like you will never practice it again. I bet you will be proud of the great change you have made.

Assess your training

In every learning case, there have to be some ways through which you can know the level of your expertise. This can be done through assessment of your work. Have you mastered all the few steps and feel like you really need to examine all the activities you have been undergoing and know your level?

Try to analyze the summary you made during your practice; movement of the fingers, your speed, accuracy. After which, think of some ways on how you can correct the mistakes you made. This will equip you with great skills of playing the guitar even more than those who call themselves pro in that field.

Have extra ears during your training

By this, I mean that you should have some fellow listeners around you at the time of your practice. Being the player and at the same time, the listener of your own productions for a very long time may be misleading as you will feel like you are perfect. This may be as a result of being used to the sounds as you play them every time. Having other listeners around you will help you notice some of the mistakes you may not have noticed on your own hearing.

Maintain your practice

Have in mind that it will be it will be needless spending all that time and energy in learning all these then you fail to practice. Practice makes perfect. Just like any learning, playing twelve string guitar also requires practice. Ensure that you create an ideal time for your hours of the day and practice the skills you have gained. This will enhance your memory of the skills as you perfect on the profession. I tell you people will come to you to show them how you have made it so easily. Some will request your hand in training them.


To learn some basic skills such as playing guitar, you need to have some guidelines that will help you acquire the knowledge easily and steady during the learning process. Do you encounter some difficulties in learning how to play the twelve-string guitar? We have made the work easier for you. Just follow this guide which contains some of the basic steps that you need to follow during your learning process.

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