Pinging is a way of sending commands to certain servers to inform them of changes to a website. There are two major ways that a webmaster can do this. You can either use a ping utility like pingler or ping the website manually. This article will go into the details of both:
1. How to ping your website manually
You can manually ping your website using pingler. In this case, you open a free account with pingler. You then sign into the dashboard. You will see the following slots:
• Website name or title – You are required to write the name of your site e.g. hub pages. Inputting this info is optional
• Website URL – This is where you put the site’s address. It has to be well structured i.e. This is required information because without it, pingler will not be able to ping the site in question.
• Category – In this slot, you are supposed to put your site in its proper category
• Pinging services – This is an auto generated list of pinging services you can use. You also have the option of developing your own list
From here, you then click “ping my sites”. You are then taken to a page that shows which search engines have been pinged. Repeat the process for each of your other sites and RSS feeds.
While pingler is effective, doing this manually is time consuming. It is suited for a person testing out the service for the first time.

2. How to ping your website automatically
Pingler also gives the option of automatically pinging your websites. In this case, a person has to open a premium account. From here, you are taken to a dashboard where you can input the required information. This will include:
• List of websites
• List of RSS feed URLs
• List of blogs
At this stage, you can input optional information like the name of the website, categories etc. Finally click on the “ping” button. All your URLs are going to be pinged. With a premium pingler account, a webmaster can ping up to 25 URLs at the same time. They will also be automatically pinged every three days.
The advantages of opting for a premium pingler account when looking for ways of how to ping your website include:
1) Time saving – pinging all your sites in one go will save you a lot of time. This time can be used on other worthwhile activities.
2) Affordable – this premium account only costs $2.99/ month. For this small amount, you will be able to increase visitors on your website as search engines are informed on changes. The end result is higher search engine rankings and therefore higher profits.

Pingler is the best ping utility to use when looking for how to ping your website. It is developed in such a way that bots are prompted to visit the site very frequently without going against the search engine’s terms and conditions.

Finally, pinging too much will cause your site to be blacklisted on major search engines. With pingler, there is a good period between pings.

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