An average person spends about 3.1 hours working towards checking all of the emails as opposed to working on their tasks throughout the workday. The key to handling the situation of mismanagement of one’s time, Is by using an email productivity tool or an online task management tool along with an email task management software that helps organize the inbox and makes email management an easier task to accomplish than spending 3.1 hours on a daily basis.

email productivity tool and task management software

Here’s how you can use email productivity tools to level up your productivity through the day by segregating and organizing your email and easily managing them with the help of these tactics.

  • Use filters

Using a way to filter out your inbox is a game-changing method to segregate all of your large number of incoming emails per day. Not all emails are created equal. In fact, the messaging from your boss is always a high priority as opposed to a message from your co-worker or someone you do not know.

By implementing filters in your inbox, you allow automation of processes to redirect all of the emails and sort them into specific folders in line with your priority and ability to reach you within your inbox.

This ensures that there is a decrease in email clutter and that all the email newsletters are skipped from your main inbox email. All you need to do in order to set this is either use an email productivity tool and task management software such as followed by Amitree or set a filter using the word “unsubscribe,” and all of these emails will be redirected to another folder which is not your main inbox.

  • Use folders

When all of the emails that you receive move from your inbox into folders, this can help you segregate and streamline entire inbox emails into different sections and boost your productivity with the help of this categorization based on one’s priority and on the level of importance.

A Great Way To Set Folders Within Your Email Is By Segregating Them Into Categories Such As:

  1. Newsletters

  2. Projects

  3. Team

Or You Could Go The Route Of Setting Them Based On The Level Of Their Importance, Such As:

  1. Action required immediately

  2. Follow up

  3. Archived

You Could Even Set The Folders Based On Different Times, Such As:

  1. Today

  2. This week

  3. Next week

  4. This month

This is a very good way of segregating all of your emails and creating an everyday workflow. However, categorizing all of your inboxes in this format can be a tedious task and may take a few hours to even a day. You may want to use email task management software that helps you automate this process even without creating a folder yourself.

  • Use labels

Labels are another way of categorizing your emails as opposed to creating folders for everything. By creating labels, you can immediately figure out everything that you’re going through in your inbox. All the labels are very similar to folders; multiple labels can be added into an email that shops both in your inbox and the label tab. In fact, you can color coordinate all of your labels easily.

This step should go a long way in helping you to boost your email productivity using either an email productivity tool or by individually creating filters, folders, and labels yourself.

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