Motivating your employees is by no means an easy task. Richard E. Shaw, as known as Rich Shaw, a motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur knows all about this. He currently visits multiple corporations for motivational speaking sessions and has established himself as one of the most prominent personalities within the industry. Richard was also credited for the invention of a vending machine system known as the Credit and Debit Receiving and Dispensing Device, and has many tips to share for entrepreneurs on how to motivate their employees. Here are a few of them.

  1. Communication

As in any human relationship, communication is the basis of any exchange. It can also be an essential element for a staff’s motivation strategy to be effective. For this, it must, of course, be open, positive, and should work in both directions. Be sure to listen to any comments or remarks that you wish to bring to your attention and especially to explain clearly what you expect from your teams by giving them maximum transparency. This clarity is essential for each member of the team to feel considered in the overall strategy of the company.

  1. Building Trust

A good manager is a manager who knows how to delegate, because it is difficult for one person to carry out all the actions directly. But to be able to delegate, you have to learn to trust. Seeing that their leader gives them a mission by giving them all their trust, it will redouble their motivation. Be careful not to fall into the opposite effect, that of assigning unrealizable tasks which will dishearten your employees.

  1. Recognition

All work merits salary. But employees perceive it every month as payment for the work done, so it’s more of what they deserve and a routine. When one or more employees have shown greater involvement or if goals have been achieved or exceeded, recognition is required. In these challenging times, companies are struggling to offer bonuses or other financial benefits. So if you are in this situation, remember that other solutions exist to motivate your employees. Talk to them regularly, or hold motivational speaker sessions in order to boost their morale. This will help you get closer to them and will grow your bond with them as well. Naturally, you will notice a major improvement in the way they perform. As long as you are there to listen to them, you will notice a drastic improvement in their attitude and performance.

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