Struggle with remembering learned information in a while? We are not always capable of remembering important details or study materials, and the moment after learning it flies away. And a certain amount of time after you feel like you’ve never seen this info. Sounds like you?

And this is when the little help comes in. Spaced repetition is a method, which is supposed to help you with remembering material even after a long time. You’ll just have to repeat your information with intervals to keep the details fresh in your head.

A few more questions?
1. Why should I use it? Is it effective at all?
Yes, you should! Because you not only invest in your long term memory and use more time to figure out new ways of remembering complex structures and concepts. You also delay forgetting everything — by building a solid wall of knowledge even if your information is not new by itself. It helps with being confident in important moments.
2. How can I start?
Maybe you’ve already started. Just not with that information. We’re used to repeating things we like — read our favorite book for the fourth time, watch a film or a TV show. Then you can closely understand how spaced repetition works. For sure you can name more details of your favorite book, cause I’ve read it a few times more than usual, you’ve researched and trained your brain at that time.
3. How can I make it work with studying?
Use tools! The best ones are traditionally listed here:

For a far more detailed review of every mentioned app, click on a link down below and enjoy our new article:

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