When you look at your bills, your paycheck, the news, or the world around you, do you constantly see evidence to support feeling stressed, worried, or afraid about money? Do you listen to economic doomsayers or the woes of your friends and family, your boss, or your own mental monologue, and come away feeling financially frustrated? If so, you’re not alone. Not only is that dire evidence paraded in front of us daily, it is also programmed into our DNA. In this article, you’ll discover how to free yourself from that negative bias so you can welcome Abundance and Financial Freedom!

It’s true, as human beings we come equipped with some strong survival programs that predispose us to focus on potential dangers and negative thoughts and to project past pain onto present and future situations. We come pre-wired with a negative bias.

While those inner programs may help us survive by scratching and clawing to make ends meet, they are not prescriptions for thriving, enjoying yourself, living your purpose, and being financially free. They certainly aren’t the basis for a spiritually-empowered view of money. When we view money from a place of stress, worry, and fear, we aren’t honoring our Source and being grateful for what we have. We aren’t focusing on using what we’ve been given in an enlightened way. We aren’t trusting Grace and welcoming the flow of Abundance.

So, what might a spiritually-empowered view of Financial Freedom look like?

We can begin with a Values-Driven definition of wealth accumulation: wealth results from an exchange of value: you exchange knowledge, skills, and resources you have to others who need and desire them for resources you need and desire.

If you are not yet experiencing what you truly desire in the wealth dimension of your life, it’s likely that you have not fully discovered, valued, and cultivated your personal resources and/or not found your authentic means of exchange. That’s really all there is to wealth accumulation—you grow what you have, exchange with someone who needs and wants that, and receive what you need and want in return.

It’s important to simplify the process down to its essence because so many of us carry so much baggage about what it means to acquire wealth. You see, the accumulation of wealth in itself is neutral. In other words, it is neither “good” nor “bad” in itself. It’s how we engage in this exchange and what we do with the resources we acquire that we may judge as “positive” or “negative.”

There are many reasons why you may hold negative judgments against wealth accumulation. You may harbor a negative bias based on your observation of unethical business practices. You might have a religious bias against wealth accumulation from sayings such as “money is the root evil” or from stories that glorify giving up all your possessions to live a life that is spiritually pure. You may have parents who complained about what “rich people are like.” Or you may have your own experiences of how focusing on money got you off track with what is really important to you.

You may have other biases such as thinking that “you don’t deserve to have lots of money” or that it’s for “those type of people” but not for you. Or you may not want the responsibilities that come with a large business or income. You may just not be ready for that yet. It’s important to recognize the specific sources of your own inner resistance, so you can free yourself from those limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.

Now, because of possible negative biases against “money” and “wealth,” I suggest using the terms “Abundance” and “Financial Freedom” to create a new meaning context. You can then imagine Abundance and Financial Freedom flowing from a high integrity exchange of value—an honest, fair, and equitable exchange that benefits everyone. By reframing wealth in this way, I hope you’ll see how you can receive exactly what you need and want by cultivating and sharing what you have to offer. The accumulation and sharing of abundant resources can then become an integral part of your spiritual path. It’s a way that you are provided for and cared for by the Source of your Life.

The key, then, is to shift your consciousness, so you welcome rather than block amazing financial opportunities. This is not only possible, but it’s very doable no matter where you’re coming from at the moment. To discover how to recognize and release limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors around money and install a new Purposeful Prosperity mindset click the link in the resource box below.

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Kevin Schoeninger is a certified Trainer, Life Coach, and Meditation Instructor with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. He has been assisting clients to realize their dreams of health, wealth, love, and purpose for the past 30 years. He is the author of the book “Keys to Inner Power” and several programs in the field of personal empowerment and spiritual growth.