Are you quick to lose your temper? Are you prone to loneliness, envy, frustration or other negative emotions? Being overcome with such feelings is natural; but learning how to manage your anger and emotions, especially in high-pressure situations, is an important and invaluable skill.

Here are 3 simple steps in learning how to manage your anger and emotions to become a happier, well-balanced person.

Step 1: Become Self-Aware.

Being self-aware means taking the time to notice what you’re feeling or what you’re thinking, and why you feel and think that way.

Be honest to yourself. Admitting that you are hurt, jealous or angry doesn’t mean that you are an overly-sensitive, resentful, livid or “bad” person. It just means that you have and feel emotions, just like any other person.

Understanding where these emotions are coming from will help you recognize them better in the future, so you can be better prepared at responding to them in a more composed and rational manner.

Step 2: Express Yourself.

You have probably heard that keeping your feelings bottled up inside is unhealthy. Learning how to manage your anger and emotions means you find a healthy and constructive outlet so you can better handle them.

Tell yourself it’s alright to feel angry, hurt or sad. Communicate how you feel. Talk to other people about your emotions.

If the situation permits you to, raise your voice or use gestures. Just remember that you can think and feel at the same time, so be mindful of the boundaries and don’t resort to violence.

Step 3: Channel Your Emotions.

These strong negative feelings don’t just vanish, that much is understandable. You can learn how to manage your anger and emotions by giving this negativity a turnaround.

Take a deep breath and clear your mind. The trick is to think about the negative emotion and respond in the opposite, through constructive and practical means.

For example, when you feel so angry that you want to throw things around, go to the gym instead or go out for a run. Think also arts and crafts, journaling, petting animals, cooking and baking, and more.

It’s normal to have strong feelings sometimes, but when they get in the way of living a productive and happy life, it’s important to learn how to manage your anger and emotions. It may be challenging at first; but the more you practice being in control, the easier it will be in the long run.

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