To increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website
via organic and coherent search engine results. Search Engine Optimization is that kind of activity that improves the ranking of search engine.

How multiple Blogs help in Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is highly important in web markets. Let us suppose that you are doing optimization on your web page that also includes your blog post . By doing this, you are increasing the visibility of your website even more to those people who enter keywords that are associated with the service or product you have provided through search engines such as Google.

But Google’s algorithmic updates make it tricky. And SEO of today’s modern era is all about the best practice that is appropriate and relevant to Learn Cybers.

Regular Posting:

Regular posting is most important thing if you want to manage multiple blogs. Everyone knows a single person cannot handle more than 3 blogs at same time. This is why I have compiled this list of guest publishing sites into some of the best free guest posting sites list and blogging sites for marketers. There are hundreds of target websites, but only the best ones are listed here. For regular content posting you can go for 2 options.

  • Hire content writer team to manage your website content. This option is expensive as content writers are not very cheap these days.
  • Use article spinner to make unique content.For that never go for low quality content rewriters. And don't forgot to avoid duplicate content.

Posting regularly can easily increase your ranking over high volume keywords especially when you add internal links properly just like for the keyword "SteamUnlocked".

Posting similar data regularly may ban your Facebook page and to get out of Facebook Jail, you might need to consult the expert.

How to manage SEO for multiple blogs?

Confusion can occur among the web marketers. Therefore, to tackle the problem you need to know the tactics to optimize your blogs
providing your given keywords.


Keywords: For a perfect SEP strategy, you need to use keywords in your content. It is very important that your content, which is on your website, has specific keywords. You need to focus on one to two long-tail keywords that are according to your content. A proper research is required before utilizing them. SEMRush and KWFinder are the tools that will help you. These longer keywords that are commonly question-based will help to keep the blog post more focused on the requirement and specific goals of audience. These website visitors that search long-tail things are more prone to read your whole post and more likely to seek more knowledge from you. In this way, you will be able to generate the right type of traffic.

Placement of keywords: after making your keywords, you need to know the best place in your blog post where you can put them. You need to know the exact place of putting these keywords. This will help you in achieving high rank in search results.
There are 4 crucial places where you need to put your keywords.

1.Meta description: the Meta description is the most important as it summarizes your content. It is meant to provide information to the readers about the content of your blog post. Therefore, if you use keywords in your Meta description then Google and your audience will get awareness about your blog’s content.

2.Title: the headline of your blog will become the first step for search engine and your readers to be ascertained about the relevant content. So putting a keyword here is crucial. Google has named it “title tag” in its search results. But you need to make sure that your keyword covers the first sixty characters of the title, as Google will cut down the title if it exceeds sixty characters in its search engine results (SERPs).
If your title is long then you should put your keyword at the beginning of the headline.

3.URL: in order to figure out the content of your post, search engines look for your URL. Every post has its own distinctive URL. You have a huge advantage to optimize URLs on each and every post that you will publish.

4.Avoid keyword stuffing: when you are creating your content, your first and foremost focus should be on the content that matters to your audience. And it should not be focused on the amount of keywords that are to be included. Refrain from keyword stuffing and remember not to go overboard. Make sure to mention your keywords at a normal tempo. Focus on being useful and helpful by answering questions of your customers that arrive on the blogs.

Optimization of meta description
Meta description is that kind of information that helps the readers understand about the content that is present in the link. Meta descriptions appear in the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). The searchers will decide whether to read your content or not by the Meta description, you have provided. They need to be sure whether the content meets their expected search result. The length of Meta description is around three hundred characters. It gives readers an insight of the content present inside. Include your keyword phrase in the Meta description for higher ranking.

Mobile-friendly blog
Nowadays people are using mobile phones more than computers. Mobile users are increasing day by day so Google prioritize in displaying results, that are mobile-friendly, on top. Make your blogs mobile-friendly by making your website responsive to mobile devices. This eliminates the need for two URLs and you can have one URL.

URL structures
In order to understand the content of your website and its structure by the visitors, you need to make your URL structure easily accessible, which also shows the needed information by the readers. A blog's main aim to provide education regarding it's title. If URL is not user friendly it won't get any attention. Search engines also favour these types of URLs that is easily accessible for them and the website visitors because they make it easy for them to perceive the content.

Avoid same topic tags

Refrain from overusing the topic tags because they can be harmful. Topic tags help in organizing your blog’s content. If you are troubled about your blog posts on having so many similar topic tags than all you have to do is clear them. The right way is to select fifteen to twenty-five of the topic tags that you consider important for your blog making sure they are not too similar with one another. And then tag your posts with the required keywords. In this way, you will not have to get worried about similar content.

Pings URLs to Google

If your blogs and websites are up to date than it can take you on a road to success for your online brands and business. An updated blog or website flourishes your business or online brand. As it elevates your content and brings great value to your business. In today’s business, it is necessary to regularly update your website with useful and relevant content.

What is Google Index?

What Google does is that it visits different websites and makes index for every website that is able to get its attention. If Google is unable to find any keyword or content that is interesting then it will not index the website. If you want Google to notice your website and index it then you definitely need to make sure that your website generates relevant content. This will help in traffic building because as the traffic starts to build up the website gains authority which results in getting your website noticed by Google. Make sure you keep a check on Google index by using the Google indexer tool. Also, make your content authentic and of high quality. Improving the links on your website will also help you, so keep in mind to utilize genuine links. Soft Gudam is an informational tech blog to find the latest news about SEO and technology, you can visit the website to know more about search engine ranking and some useful tips to rank higher in Google.

There is no fix time of Google to visit multiple sites and index them that is why it is very important for the owner of the website to gain knowledge about the web pages’ working performance, and that they are in good condition for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google indexer tool will help you to identify those web pages, which are yet to be checked, and whether they are Google indexed.

Author's Bio: 

Nadeem Aslam is an SEO expert, have 5 years of experience in on-page and off-page seo.