When someone opens retail store in a new locality, he spends sleepless nights designing his shop and figures out ways to make it beautiful and unique in order to attract large base of customers. It is true that their efforts bring fruitful results as customers are automatically attracted towards unique shops. Same is the case with online Wholesale , portals. If you want your wholesale business to flourish and prosper with increasing number of repeated customers then for sure you would need to spend some time on the overall design of website and make it attractive for customers.

To professionally understand how to make your online wholesale portal attractive and unique, you would need to do a little market survey and get detailed information about market trends. Making the user-friendly interface is the most important thing as these days the savvy internet users demand extremely friendly interfaces so that they can perform their tasks without any hassle. With the expense of internet and technology now internet itself provides great tools to enhance the design of website. With just little effort you can turn your wholesale website a master piece with special effects and visual applets.

Incorporating Graphics and Photos:

Magnificent and exotic pictures and graphics attract humans the most. Getting help from photos and other graphics will make users interested to visit different pages in order to explore whole website and read the messages you intend to convey. As a wholesaler you can include real time pictures of your office, warehouse, employees, inventory and other products. These pictures will develop interest in your customer and he will rate authenticity of your business higher.

Use Professional Colour Scheme:

Remember that wholesale website is a virtual shop and represents the company’s image. Therefore, you should wisely choose the colour scheme. Although it looks easy to choose a decent and professional looking colour scheme but in actual you will need to do a thorough research and consult some professional designer. Choosing a professional colour scheme makes your Wholesale ,portal looks like a professional B2B portal. General rule of thumb is that internet users prefer websites with professional looks.

Making your Website more Captivating:

To make your website more attractive and to convey as much of messages as possible in a single glimpse, you should use bullets and numberings. Bullet points make the content clearly visible and easily absorbable. Remember never to use over makeup in design as visual effects will be diluted when several images are stuffed in a single page. Keep balance in every thing, as too much images will distract visitor as no image does.

Also remember that there will be no benefit of having a highly attractive website if it is too heavy and takes time to load. Many potential users will close heavy websites before it is loaded because internet users like fast processing. So optimize your website for slow internet speed users as well.


In nutshell, it can be stated that in order to stand out among the web fraternity, your website must be creative and easily accessible. Only use graphics which purely reflect your offers and business deals. And of course you also need to offer good services and provide high quality wholesale products to stand out from rest.

Author's Bio: 

William King is the director of Wholesale, Wholesale Products and UK Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.