There is always a question in my mind- Can I help people living better with out Criticism but with twitter. Today, I can tell you that you can. I will provide each step which helps you to achieve your goal. Twitter is an social media which allows you to keep contact with your friend and sharing information. Some business use twitter to contact with their customers by providing updated information about their productions. there are always some people seek this opportunity to make some money online. How the twitter used is not the concern of this article.
I. Avoid suspension
Before you would like to make millions with your twitter account, you may want to know how to avoid your account being suspended by twitter. I urge you to read the terms and condition of twitter carefully, before opening your accounts. There are many reasons that your account was suspended by the twitter's robot, but through my experience, the most common factors are
1. Spamming
The definition of spamming is not cleared in the twitter terms and conditions. It may mean that you have post only for business promotion. Repetitiveness in posting the same messages or links, etc.
2. Not your personal messages
If you post only link to website, or link from other source, it may cause your account being suspended, because there is nothing personal or not yours. To void this, write something interest about yourself or make up some.

3. Blocked by followers
Although twitter has not specified the percentage of which your account is blocked by other twitter users, but it is there. To avoid this, do not using method of follow then unfollowed after users have followed you back. Consistently use of this method can get them mad, they will block you. By the time you know what happen, your account is suspended and can not be Retrieved.
4. Using tweeting software
The terms and conditions state clearly, that you can only use any tweeting software to auto follow back. Other than that, it can cause your account being suspended. So be careful on this.

5. Aggressive following
If you follow more than some percentage of people everyday, you may be suspended for aggressive following. You can retrieve you account if you promise not to do that again. To avoid this, out of 1000 following allowed, follow no more than 400 twitter users everyday. Why it is 400? The 400 is the random number that is used because you can follow that number safely for everyday, without worry about the message of " You can not follow any more user" from twitter.

6. Etc.
The worst thing happens is you wake one day and find out that your account is suspended. You waste all your time and effort.....I don't know what else to say!

II. Let us start to make million dollars with twitter
Open your account with twitter .
There are many thing that you should do before opening an account with twitter
A. What is you twitter account website. where you will lead your followers to, what types of information that you can provide?
To solve this problem, think of what information that you want to provide, think of the keyword weightloss? Grocery, make money online. What ever you decide? then
a. Open your free website
You can go Blogger,,, etc. to open a blog with them. All you need is a proper email address.
b. Contents of your site
Since you have decided on some key words, you can go to Articlebase, or Ezinearticles to select some experts articles by using the same keywords. Copy and paste them to your site, remember to leave all link intact to avoid all the copy right problems that may interfere with your plan of making millions with twitter. (You can also put some advertisements at the end of the article so you can make some money, if you reader choose to buy)
c. Open your account with twitter
Do not use your email address which you use to contact friend, at working but a NEW EMAIL address, because you will receive hundred of emails from people you follow or people follow you and you don't want them to interfere with important messages. You will need to confirm to complete your registration with twitter. If you like you can go through messages which sent to you by your follower.
d. Now you can post your first message
Go to to shorten you URL. There is only 140 characters that you can post your message. Post the article that you pasted on your site. Reply some of the messages, if you like, post some of personal thing or make up some. Then out of key word in searching, follow 400 twitter users. For each user, you only follow no more than the first 60, including all already followed by you. The reason is to guarantee that all users whom you followed are active twitter users. At the last page, chose the user with similar keyword and keep repeating until you get a total of 400. Out of that you will get about half of them follow you back. The time consuming is about 15 minutes, assuming you don't tweet again on the day.

After first day, everything seems to work perfectly. You repeat this method of posting until you reach first 2000 following. The problem occurs, if you have reached first 2000 followings with not enough followers. Twitter now not allows you to follow any more people and the rule of 10% applied (Although twitter does not say anything about 10% rule, but all users know it). What that means is you can only follow 10% more than your followers. To solve this problem, I am direct you to my previous article, which you help you to solve this problem Tips To Reactivate Your Twitter Following Button If You Reach 2001 With Not Enough Followers Now you account is over 2000 followers if you followed the tips of the above article (you can replace tweet karma with justunfollow or tweetadder to achieve the same goal faster)

B. Make money along the way with twitter advertising networks
Here is the website that gives you all information how to make money with your twitter account by joining them Twitter advertising Networks - Make Money with your Twitter Account

C. Open account with PayPal
It is important that you have a PayPal account so your twitter advertising network can transfer money to your account as soon as you earn. Go to, you will direct each step for opening a new account.

D. The software and website you need
Since twitter using authorization of oath to sign up, many softwares which engage in auto unfollowing are become obsoleted.
1. Tweet adder
Many people still use tweet adder to perform the same tacks with some successes. Here is the link for purchase the Tweet adder software.
If you buy, I get 50% of what you pay. Tweet adder not allows affiliate to get commission for purchase to themselves, so if you decide to buy this software, you have to buy it from someone else but yourself. Onetime payment for life.

2. Just unfollow
This website give you the information of twitter users who don't not follow you back (You can delete them manually) and user who followed you and you have not followed them back (manually as well). You have to pay $4.95 a year for its service. It is not bad. Here is the site. It is just unfollow (I don't get commission of this purchase)
Now, you either have tweet adder or just unfollow on your wing (I have them both, just in case one of them down), you are ready to make millions dollars from twitter.

E. Can you make millions with your twitter accounts now
1. Yes, you can mathematically
Since you have 200 followers everyday
In one year, 200 x 365= 73,000 followers in 10 years you have 730,000
How much you twitter account worth now
if you go to What is my Twitter account worth?
You twitter account now worth about $250,000
You have saved $25,000 a year over last ten years with 15 minutes of work a day
To achieve 1,000,000, you need to continue to work 15 minutes a day for 40 years, if you have only one account.

2. Reduce the needy years
Let assume that you have 4 accounts in the beginning, then all you need is 10 years. Although Twitter do not say how many account one is permitted to open, but as long as you have a proper e mail address and those account do not post the same contents, I believe you are OK. What that really means? If you cross posting, you are violated the terms and conditions that can cause your accounts being suspended. To achieve that goal, you should open 4 websites by following each step of A. The problem now is you have to spend 60 minutes a day to achieve that goal.

3. Can you really sell your accounts
I don't know, some people say you can and some don't agree. Some say your account is the property of Twitter, not yours. In fact, some one have actually put their account in Ebay for auction. But in fact, selling your twitter account is not my concern, if you can, good for you, if you can not, there are many good ways to make a decent income by selling tweet on twitter account. How much will you earn for 1 tweet for account with 2,000,000 followers - More than 3000 dollars.
In the good time when the economy is rolling along, a twitter account with 1,000,000 followers had made over $15,000 for a product worth $40 with 70%commission, but today with the economy is on recession, nobody knows how much you can make if you tweet your own ads. But you can plant a seed and wait the economy to come back, who knows what will happen ten years from now.

4. If you don't want to sell account
Now your accounts have over 2,000,000 followers, you will easily make $10,000 by selling tweet to tweeter advertising networks or find products that closely related to your keywords and sell them yourself. Here is the link that you can find many great products to sell on your twitter account with no fee upfront.
Will this money add to your comfort retirement. Remember all you need is to spend is 15 minutes a day and investment of a few hundred dollars while you can still work full time.
a. A retirement account
Since we all need to save some money for our retirement, but in this case, you save for your retirement by working extra 15 minutes a day.
b. Save for your children
Don't you think it is a good idea when one day you can leave your children with a money generate machine that they can get paid everyday.
c. If you are teenagers
It is a good idea that you can retire within 30 years with all money coming along. In fact, you get paid every time some one buy tweet from your account from twitter advertising network as long as your account is active.

III. Summary
I have provided you with all the information that are necessary to build for fine financial future that no originals working people have achieved before. It is up to you to gain experience and adapt to the change of twitter in the future. No one know, twitter will be around at that time, you may waste all your time and achieve nothing. But one thing is warrant, if Twitter in the future is the same Twitter today, it should work well according to my judgment, how about yours.

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The above is only opinion of the writer and not warrant. Please use your own judgment and join at your own risk.

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