Manifesting your desires is all about matching your current thoughts and feelings with the energy of what you want. And these law of attraction manifestation techniques detailed below can serve as tools, processes and exercises that can assist you in making the law of attraction work and in matching up your energetic offering to the things that you’ve asked for.

All the things that you desire are vibrating at the energy frequency of happiness, joy, love, peace, harmony, excitement, passion, certainty, and satisfaction. And these techniques are geared towards conjuring up these emotions from within you. When practiced regularly, these will help raise your frequency to the level that will allow the things you desire to easily flow into your physical reality.

Lets begin.

Law of attraction technique #1: Gratitude Rampage

This exercise is about making a detailed list of all the things you feel grateful for in your life right now. The purpose is to have a free flow of anything that you appreciate and feel blessed to have, which can include the simplest things such as the air you’re breathing now, your sense of sight, the beautiful weather outside, the clean water you have access to, and so on. You can make the list as long as your thoughts will allow, in order to feel the abundance of blessings that you currently have. You can do this even while you’re in the shower, or while you’re outside going to work. You can do as you wake up in the morning, before you sleep at night, or any time in between. Make a list on paper, on your phone, or even just in your mind.

The important thing is that your focus is toward the feeling of appreciation and thankfulness in the moment. This will make you notice all the little things we usually take for granted, and will add a feeling of blessedness and satisfaction with your present moment. You will begin shifting your focus toward the things that you love and enjoy, instead of the things that are lacking or missing.

Include people and experiences, tangible and intangible, big or small. Enjoy listing all of the wonderful blessings you appreciate in your life.

Law of attraction technique #2: Your Universal Request Envelope

This technique involves setting aside a container, which can be an envelope, folder, or box, where you’ll store words or pictures of the things you are asking the Universe to deliver to you. The purpose of this exercise is to be creative and playful in sending your requests to the Universe, and subsequently feeling the satisfying relief of having a Universal “genie” receiving and granting all of your wishes.

You can write down the things that you want or you can cut out pictures that represent your desire. And one by one you place them inside the container, envelope or box, while saying your intention — “Universe, deliver to me this thing that I desire, or something better, in whatever manner you consider best for me. Thank you”.

As you do, feel the ease and lightness of having surrendered your desire to the Universe, and cultivate the trust and peace of mind that it will surely be delivered in the right way and timing for you. This is meant to be a playful exercise, and you can be creative in what you put inside your container. You can continuously do this whenever you find a photo of something you desire. Just put it inside the container, and leave the fulfillment part of the process to your Universal genie.

Law of attraction technique #3: Milking The Feeling

This manifestation technique is about deliberately staying longer in the vibration and frequency of a high energy feeling whenever you’re feeling good about something. This is done by asking yourself the question, “why do I feel good now?” or “why is this pleasing for me?”. As you ask yourself this question, your mind gets focused on the reasons why a certain thing, person or circumstance feel good to you, and you’ll be amplifying that feeling in your energy.

You will be milking the feeling for every bit of good emotion that you can get out of it, and doing it consciously, so you’ll practice yourself in that vibration more and more. Rather than your mind wandering on all sorts of things, you will be more conscious in focusing longer on something that you like instead.

This will increase the momentum of good energy in your life, and thereby attract more similar feelings to you. You can write these feelings down, or just milk them in your thoughts whenever you’re on the bus, in the grocery, at the park, or at a restaurant. And as you make this a mental habit, you will soon realize, most of your daily thoughts now revolve around what you like about your life, instead of the things unwanted.

Law of attraction technique #4: Meditation

This manifestation technique involves the quieting of the mind in order to release any resistant or contradictory thoughts that get in the way of raising your frequency to the level of your desires. As you are quieting the mind, your energy naturally becomes higher, at the level of joy, peace and satisfaction, because there will be no contradictory negative thoughts of worry, anger, fear, or doubt.

In order to meditate and quiet the mind, you have to be in a comfortable position, either lying down or sitting in a chair. Choose to focus on something simple, something that won’t encourage thoughts to linger in your mind.

This can be focusing on the ins and outs of your breathing,focusing on a certain sound in the room like a fan or air-conditioning, or repeating a mantra in your mind such as “I am bliss”. All of these can be effective in maintaining your focus on something that’s not resistant in nature, so as to allow your mind to be calm, relaxed, and steady in a non-resistant environment.

This increases your attraction power, as you are becoming more allowing instead of resisting. In this moment of meditation and mindfulness, you are flowing with the energy of life instead of against it. You can do this as you wake up in the morning, or before going to bed at night, for about 15 to 20 minutes daily.

Law of attraction technique #5: High Vibrational Activities

This tool is about making time to do activities that make you feel happy and joyful as you do them. For instance, this can include jogging in the morning, walking your dog to the park, getting a massage, reading a book, baking a cake, or listening to your favorite music. The purpose is to do as many of these high vibrational things as you can in a day.

It means taking the time to pamper yourself and do the things that bring joy and happiness to you, deliberately. It’s training your vibrational frequency to be set on a high place, and become aware whenever your vibration dips. Whenever you are pleasing yourself and taking care of the way you feel, you are putting more positive energy in yourself, and thereby increasing the momentum of your positive attraction.

Law of attraction technique #6: Present Scripting

This process is about telling or scripting your own story in a way that you prefer it to be. It is becoming the writer for your own life, and creating a story in the present tense of how you want things to play out in your reality. You can start by asking yourself the question, “what does my ideal day look like?”. You can then make a script about your perfect day, telling it in the present tense, involving all your senses, and making it playful and fun.

As you write it, feel the emotions as if you are living that ideal day right now. Be creative and imaginative as to how your day looks like, and fill in with as much detail as you would like. This process can be likened to visualization, but this one involves writing it down and allows you to be more vivid as you describe the experience in words.

Law of attraction technique #7: Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

This process of reprogramming the subconscious mind is all about releasing any self-sabotaging beliefs that have been implanted in the mind because of past childhood programming, and introducing new beliefs that are empowering and aligned with your true nature.

This can be done in two ways. One is consciously immersing yourself daily with positive thoughts (through affirmations or reading positivity books and the like) until these thoughts become the dominant beliefs in your life. This will require a longer time of continuous immersion and repetition before the mind gets reprogrammed with these new positive beliefs.

The second option for reprogramming is the faster, shortcut way to doing this. It is called brainwave entrainment, which is achieved by listening to a specific audio or sound that is at a certain high frequency required for reprogramming (called theta state), followed by crafted subliminal messages for new programming. This process will automatically fix the underlying issues in your thinking that are sabotaging every aspect of your life.

If you would like to learn more about how subconscious mind reprogramming can help you in manifesting your desires in an easy and fast way, you can watch this special video here explaining how it works.

Hope these 7 manifestation techniques I’ve listed have been insightful and helpful for you. Continuously applying these processes day by day will surely raise your frequency level, one step at a time, and will make you a powerful attractor and manifestor of your deepest desires.

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Iona Kristina is a passionate inspirational writer who shares tips and resources about law of attraction manifestation techniques at her website Manifesting Tools. Travelling, reading, and writing inspiring thoughts are what she enjoys doing. She also writes about quantum reality, metaphysics, and raising vibration to manifest your desires into reality. She believes that the greatest thing that can ever happen to you in this lifetime is to awaken to your own manifesting power within. Connect with her on Facebook at