Do you like to cooperate with the richest person in the world? Do you like to earn money from collaborating with the world's largest company? If your answer is yes… you are in the right place.

Many novice marketers or anyone new to the online profit world during his research trip shows him the term “profit from Amazon” and wants to know more about him.

There are also some marketers who have experience and experience, yet they do not know much about the different ways of profit from Amazon and the profits they can make.

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, you may think it is only the largest online store on the planet and only, but the fact of the matter that Amazon has more than 70 different companies and services in the world.

Because this is not our talk today - perhaps later on, I will tell you about the size of this giant empire that may soon dominate the world - we will find out only the ways in which an ordinary person like you and me collaborates with this giant edifice.

Profit from Amazon is the path many people take to make huge fortunes, and why this empire has made Jeff Bezos the richest person in the world.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to profit from Amazon, in this guide you will find all possible ways that suit anyone in the Arab world.

You will also find in this guide a lot of technical information about each method, how to get started, some caveats you should pay attention to, and all the tools you will need in each method.

4 things you should know before you start to profit from Amazon

Before you start in any way to profit from Amazon there are some important things to keep in mind first, which will save you a lot of trouble in the near future.

1. Amazon's strict laws

Amazon is a giant company, you know, and to maintain its reputation and status and the quality of its services has made strict laws for anyone who cooperates with them to abide by.

For example, look at the Amazon Affiliate Program - which we will talk about later - which states that social media or email are not used directly.

That is, you cannot promote Amazon products through your Affiliate link directly by placing them on social media pages, or sending them in emails to your followers, but you can put these links on YouTube or your website pages.

This ensures that Amazon does not promote its products in a crude or excessive manner (Spam), so as to maintain its image in front of consumers.

That's why I advise you no matter how you rely on them, you have to read their terms and services very carefully so you don't get into trouble.

2. Receive your earnings from Amazon

Amazon is an American company, and although it allows anyone in the world to be part of its programs and services, it is not easy to receive your profits from them.

In order to save as much money as possible in terms of fees and currency conversion, Amazon only deals with banks, not banking services such as PayPal when transferring money to its collaborators.

That's why the best way for you to receive your earnings from Amazon as long as you live in the Arab world is to have a Payoneer account because it will save you a lot.

This service provides you with a free US bank account, from which you can receive your money from any company in the world, and provides you with a credit card to withdraw the money anywhere in your local currency.

You can learn how to register for this service step by step through the following guide:

There are many videos and explanations to link your payoneer account to your Amazon account, and even Pioneer itself has prepared a detailed explanation you will find in the link below:

3. The tax system

In order to receive your profits from Amazon, whatever the way you do business (whether you are a seller or a marketer) you need to provide some documents, especially taxes.

Don't worry it's simple. You are not a US citizen, just fill out some documents to prove that you are not a US citizen, and until Amazon's IRS expenses are legally included.

This is why during the registration process to receive your earnings from Amazon you will need to fill out a document called W8 - BEN, which you will also find its link and all the instructions and personal information that you must provide when registering with Amazon.

It's as simple and easy as I told you, it's just routine to confirm your identity and organize Amazon's profit process.

And advice… Keep this document when you fill out all the data, because you will need it if you cooperate with most US companies, especially if you work in the field of commission marketing.

4. Amazon in the Arab markets

I think you know that Amazon acquired the famous Souq store in the first half of 2017 for about $ 580 million, so as to enter the Arab markets.

Not only that, in May, the Souq website in the UAE was transformed into, and the same is expected to happen with Souq in Egypt as soon as possible.

Perhaps you ask yourself why I told you all this information… or what this all has to do with Amazon's profit, the reason is to highlight a very important point.

Most of the ways to profit from Amazon that you will find in this guide you can apply in the Arab markets directly, for example, the method of commission marketing you mentioned earlier you can apply on the Amazon site in the UAE, and also on the site of the Egyptian market.

Not only that, there are several ways to profit from Amazon, which I will not mention to you in this guide, because you can not subscribe to it as it is available in specific countries such as America and Canada.

These methods include shipping products and helping Amazon by providing some services, and because Amazon is entering the Arab market strongly, it means that these methods may become available in the near future.

That's why you have to keep track of Amazon news in the Arab market constantly, and in the event of any new method of profit will be added to this guide, so that it remains a reference for anyone looking for ways to profit from Amazon.

Now it's the time you've been waiting for… let's get to know all the ways to profit from Amazon, which I think some will surprise you,

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Torsi is a professional blogger.