When we work in digital marketing on the client's side, it is often necessary to carry out bidding processes to select the agency that can provide us with the service, and for this a document is developed where a solution proposal is requested to a specific need.

The Request for Proposal is precisely the document that will allow us to explain to the agencies what is the environment in which we are currently as clients, what are our needs and what our expectations.

However, in companies there are not always people who know how to make an RFP that guarantees that the agencies will understand our needs and therefore that they will return with attractive solutions. The characteristics of this document obviously vary according to the project in question since something too specific can be requested, such as the development of a module for a website, to the development of a complete digital marketing strategy.

In any of the cases, it is advisable to make sure that the document at least consists of the following elements:

In companies we normally believe that our brand is known to everyone, and it may be true, but what is NOT true is that everyone UNDERSTANDS it. In this section of the RFP it is advisable to give a brief introduction to the company, the brand and its characteristics, making sure to include aspects such as values, personality, target. This is only in a generic way to ensure that agency creatives perfectly understand the message we want to convey to the consumer and can use it to generate their proposals.
This section is of vital importance if you are working with new agencies, or even if it is an agency that you already know and that you invite to participate in projects for another brand of the company.

Requested Services
In this section we will explain what we need and for this we must first expose what is the current situation of the brand, the environment and the objectives to be achieved.

Project organization
In this section you must explain whether the selected agency should be collaborating with other agencies or with an internal development team.
It is very useful to place an organization chart and specify how decision-making occurs.

Supplier Selection Process
In this part you must indicate the administrative aspects of the bidding process, that is, how the process will be carried out, what steps will be followed, how the group that will evaluate the proposals will be made up, what documentation they should include along with their proposals agencies to be considered in the process.

Legal Clarifications
Finally, it is necessary to include any aspect that your Legal or Purchasing Department indicates to you, such as the confidentiality of the project, the brief, the irrevocable nature of the decision, etc.

As I said at the beginning, the structure of a document of this nature could vary depending on the project, but in all cases, the development of a good RFP will help both parties to establish a common context for the analysis of proposals and is essential for ensure that the brand's needs are met.

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