Do you want to know how to make a vision board that works? One that actually helps you manifest your dreams and goals faster? I get a lot of questions about vision boards, here are a few answers that will help you.

Question: How do I decide what I should put on my dream board to represent my dreams?

Answer: The short answer? You can use anything you want! Seriously, you can use anything at all that reminds you of your goal, or that inspires you to move toward your vision of the life you want to create for yourself. The best items to use are ones that POP from your board and call your eye to them. Words and images are great, but think beyond just ordinary pictures.

For example, if one of your big dreams is to own a shiny new Mercedes, go out and spend a couple of dollars and buy a leather key fob with a Mercedes emblem on it and hang that on your dream board. The bonus is that when you manifest that Mercedes, you will be able to take the key ring down and actually use it!

Question: I'm confused. I have seen some vision boards that have lots of different goals on them, but I recently heard that you should limit yourself to just one dream per board. Should I be making a different board for each of my goals and dreams?

Answer: Learning how to make a vision board is a personal experience, and neither way is better than the other. In reality, you, like the rest of us, are probably working toward more than one dream right now, and because it is important to have each of the major goals that you are aiming for represented on your vision board, many people choose to make one board with several goals on it. This is fine, but don't get carried away. If you put too many goals on your board you won't be able to focus your attention on any of them long enough to make any real progress. Somewhere between 3 and 5 is usually a good number of goals to use.

Your second option is to create several individual boards that each focus on one of your major goals. This can be more powerful because there is nothing to distract you when you are looking at your board. It can be all about one specific dream.

So the choice is yours. Do whatever feels right to you. But, whether you choose to make one big board or several smaller ones, be sure that you have someplace to put them. Somewhere where you will be sure to see them often. Don't let them become dust collectors.

My best advice? Don't be too concerned with how to make a vision board, just get it done and get back to working on making your dreams real. After all, your vision is more important than the board.

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