If you have a lawn the chances are that area is one of the best places you and your family spend quality time outdoors. To continue enjoying your outdoor experience, the lawn needs proper care, especially during summer.

The following tips will help you keep your lawn looking great at a minimal cost.

Maintain high cut grass

The common perception that you can avoid mowing your lawn regularly if you cut the grass very low has been discredited. The idea is that if you mow your lawn a little higher, there will be more shade to cover the roots and a lower chance for photosynthesis. This means you get to mow your lawn less often, says Cecelia Miller. However, this approach works best when you understand the type of grass growing on your lawn. Generally, the turfgrass can grow to about three inches in summer, and you can still have a great time outdoors.

Use a good mowing pattern

You can cover more ground if you mow your lawn in rows, this way you make fewer turns and the job looks neater. For rectangular shaped lawns, you can adopt a mowing pattern starting from the longer part of the lawn.

Don’t dispose of the clippings

You can make your lawn look better by leaving the clippings on the lawn after cutting. The clippings provide essential nutrients that can help your lawn thrive and look better. If you use a mulching mower, the clippings and fallen leaves can be mulched to improve the nutrients. It is also less stress because you do not have to spend more hours packing the clippings.

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