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Very few individuals have rich thick hair well into their senior years. Much science points to the decrease in natural hormones. Hair retention is most certainly controlled by your individual genetics, however there are other conditions that may influence the overall health of your hair. Your diet, the weather, toxins, pollution, and your overall approach to hair care influence your hair retention and health.

1. Protein is not only a key ingredient to hair itself, but also as a progenitor of hair. Deficient protein in the diet can result in loss of hair, brittle or fragile hair, and loss of hair color. At least 45 grams of protein daily should be included in your diet: eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry, beans, tofu, dairy products. Please note that many individuals need far more than this…

1. Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss. Multivitamin or zinc supplements can go a long way to restore what it needs. Foods that are rich in Zink are:
Nuts: almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, and walnuts,
leafy green salads
plenty of clean, filtered water

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids stimulate hair follicles growth and the sebaceous (fat) glands around them. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in:
flax seed
cold-water fish, such as salmon, sardines, and herring
cottage cheese

1. Laser and light therapy: Although the science is light and treatment regimens vary widely, many thousands of people are treated every year with varying degrees of success.
1. Pills and potions flood the market-place, each one claiming success. “Buyer beware” comes into place here, look for real research, not just testimonials. I have had success with several products and some Chinese Herbs to restore hair. In Chinese medicine, hair is linked to the health of the kidney. This is the root of the physical body. Here are some products that I recommend though it will take a minimum of three months to note any changes:

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1. Shampoo: How often to shampoo your hair varies greatly; it depends upon your hair type and texture, activities in which you participate, and how often you use hair products. Oily hair requires more frequent washing and dry hair mandates less frequent washing. One must buy the right product for their own hair: curly, dry, oily, straight, artificially colored, bleached, etc. … Check the labels on the bottle, the formations do not vary much, but the ingredients in the better brands do seem to make a difference. Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. Experts suggest that one can over-shampoo or shampoo incorrectly. The standard rules of thumb are:
Avoid using very hot or very cold water
wash your hair more than once a day.
Use only enough of the product to cover your hair.
Hair is three times more susceptible to breakage when wet, so don’t dry vigorously with the towel.
Wait till almost dry before brushing or combing, preferably with a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

Other nutrient deficiencies and some illnesses such as hypothyroidism and anemias can cause hair loss. If you notice hair loss that is inexplicable come in for an evaluation or see your health provider.
1. Conditioning: Experts seem to agree that conditioning your hair after shampooing keeps your hair softer, shiny, and manageable. They may disagree, however, as to whether a shampoo with built-in conditioner is as good as a separate one, and whether you should condition after every shampoo.

1. Hair maintenance tips:
Get regular haircuts (every 10 to 12 weeks) keeps hair healthier and prevents split ends
Air drying is better than hair dryers
When using a hair dryer, start on low heat, avoid high heat for prolonged periods of time if possible
Change locations of hair pins and clips to avoid localized breakage
If you dye your hair, choose a shade that’s within three shades of your natural color.
Avoid frequent hair color changes and stripping
Scalp massage increases blood circulation and may promote hair growth, as may essential oil therapy.

1. Diet and exercise:
· Heating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables gives your hair all the essential nutrients – vitamins and minerals – to get healthy and stay that way
· Things to avoid for healthier hair:
overconsumption of alcohol
low-calorie and crash diets
decreased thyroid hormone
excessive stress

1. Detoxification, if started early enough may make a difference to people who have been exposed to toxins and heavy metals. Blood and hair testing can reveal many surprises and therefore require many different solutions to detoxification and treatment which may lead to healthier thicker hair. Our TMA test is the best there is...
Source of this article: Healthline, Trichological Society, UK

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