Renovations are now becoming a new norm. Hiring a designer for designing a bathroom seems pricy. You can always work up with your creative ideas in order to shape your bathroom in a more fancy and economical way.  Gone are the days when renovations were hard on the pocket. Now you can easily bring up your creativity all together and make a new look for your bathroom.

Making a clear cut plan

Planning a to the point renovation can save more dollars. The first thing is to design a plan and count on things that require modifications. Don’t go with the flow but with the need is the key!

Keeping it simple

Replacing the moldy tiles is the first most priority when you are into the renovation. Who needs luxury bathroom tile when you can already mix and match with the colors and design, there are a variety of tiles available in the market which are pocket friendly and at the same time looks elegant when placed. In this regard, you can always go for ceramic tiles which are reasonably on a low budget. Do not rush for extra material, always look for the simpler side as small is always beautiful!


Vinyl flooring is on the top of the list when bathrooms are being renovated. They are not only cheap in pricing but are resilient and waterproof as well. Keeping it simple not only gives grace but also adds elegance to your bathroom.  The life span of vinyl tiles goes from 5 years to eight years. This means that they are good to be relied on!

Painting the walls

Always go for dark shades when painting the walls of the bathroom.  This gives warmness and compactness to space. Moreover, you can do a little pocket-friendly fancy experiment by using wallpapers. This gives extra definition to the walls and enhances its beauty as well. The interesting part is that you can do it by your self! There is no great science in painting and one can easily do this fun activity on his own which means saving some more money.

Designing a vanity

Vanity is the heart of your bathroom when it comes to grace and compactness. A good vanity is not only handy but also have durability. There are varieties of vanity available in the market which are all fancy to go. In order to keep things under budget, you can design your own vanity. What you can do is reuse the old vanity by giving it a fresh touch of paint or can use your old dresser as your new vanity!

Placing a shower-bath

Fixing a shower bath instead of a bathtub is a good choice when making budgetary changes in the bathroom. The shower-bath takes less space and money at the same time. The advantage of a shower bath also includes the management of water wastage. Bathtubs are all fancy and also cause great water loss. The maintenance of the shower bath is cost-effective as compared to that of bathtubs.

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Elizabeth Barton is a Material analyst who keeps record and manage inventory. She keeps track of purchasing habits and stock levels, and figure out what materials or goods companies need and the most efficient ways to coordinate supply and demand.