We've been told that the way to love is pretty linear and straightforward with guys. They take us to a first date, they like us, they make plans and ask us to be exclusive within a month or two, they fall in love and pop the question. Trust me when I say that very often guys don't know how they feel about you in the long run nor do they know what they want. And often the route isn't that straightforward either. That's WHY giving the right impression in the beginning is very important. That's why I don't advise calling a guy up. .

The problem with women in a man's eyes is the more he gives, the more she expects and as such she'll soon never be happy. That's why many guys repress how they truly feel for a woman till they're really sure they want a relationship with her because as soon as the "L" word comes out of their mouths, she'll go nuts with her expectation.

A woman just needs to be an irresistible goddess to change that and make him see and realize, "Hey she makes it so easy to be in relationship with her!" Before he knows it, he's already emotionally attached to you.

Why You Should Never Initiate The Relationship Talk

No ultimatum needed. Not even a talk "are we exclusive?" or "where are we going?" Let him think all the ideas come from himself because he knows now that somebody else might snatch you away if he doesn't step up to the plate.

The less you are trying to influence him, the higher your value is in his eyes; the more radiant you look to him 'cause oh my that self-worth/esteem in you is just so damn rare in a woman.

There is no use of forcing or talking a guy into exclusivity anyway when the idea isn't firmly planted in his heart or when he's not emotionally there. The only commitment that works and matters from a man is the one that he feels in his gut. This is why my ex broke off his relationship with his gf and still flirt with me whenever we talk. The sooner you realize you can't control a man, the better for you. Instead working on your desirability factor. Be a woman any guy is willing to lose a limb for. That's the only way to "control" a guy's mind and heart.

My client has in fact recently turned her almost 2 year friend with benefits (FWB) arrangement into a serious relationship by heeding my advice. When she changed all her anxiety-ridden, controlling behaviors he finally stepped up to the plate and claim her.

You can too! Just practice my tools and principles.

There is so much to learn about cultivating this very important aspect of a lasting relationship. There are other things you can learn to keep him attracted to you How To Become A High Value Woman!

A colleague of mine who is a nationally acclaimed dating coach recently put together a controversial video in which he explains the REAL reason men lie to women they love . . . why men CHEAT on women . . . why men don’t communicate . . . and many of the other questions that drive women crazy about men and make it impossible for women to have the relationships they want.

The Secrets About Men They Won't Tell You

Because men don't have their sensitivity chips wired the way ours are, it takes a lot of patience -and frustration- to live with one without the manual. And if you never understand why men to always disappear on you after a great, intense beginning, you definitely need to know the secret by signing up to my newsletter by sending a blank email to katarinaphang@aweber.com. You will get access to my Bi-Weekly Teleclass discussing every pressing aspect of relationship issues.

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