The domain authority of your website is dependent on a lot of things. It may be confusing at first as to which factors you should focus on the most. However, there are ways for you categorize domain authority that will make it easy for you to come up with strategies and execute them as time progresses. Broadly, you can classify domain authority in on page SEO and off page SEO.

Domain Authority and Domain Authority Checker

The on page SEO of your website makes up a lot of what your domain authority stands for. In on page SEO, it is the contents of the website that come into account. So start with improving the quality of your content. The better your content, the more traffic you will get. Optimize this content for your keyword of course. Don’t keep the keyword density too high or too low. You want to keep it just the right figure of 2- 3 percent. Add page titles and page tags. Then also make sure to add images since images have the power to retain visitors. Improve your based on the comments that you get on your blog. prepostseo tool is the best domain authority checker tool so far.

Then comes the off page SEO. In off page SEO, you will be mainly focusing on what is known as the process of link building. Here, when someone mentions the URL of your page to their website, Google will improve your rankings. This sort of counts as a vote on the internet for your website by another website. Moreover, here you will be dealing with social media marketing. When you have more social shares on your web content, you will get better rankings. You can also use the technique of book marking.

One thing to note in both on page SEO and off page SEO is that try to avoid black hat SEO. It will work for now but as the algorithms on the web change, your content will be of no use.

Alexa Ranking

In SEO, there are a lot of metrics that help us quantify how well will our websites rank on search engines. Alexa ranking is one of them. How it works is comparing your website to all the other websites on the web given the data of last 3 months. It tells you your ability to rank. If you want to learn how you can improve your Alexa ranking, here are a few tips.

Focus on quality content

In SEO, everything comes down to content. It does not matter how much factors you tweak for your rankings, if your content is not great, there is not much chance for your website to keep ranking high in the long term. The better the quality of content on your blog, the more people will be coming in to visit. When the content quality is great, people tend to share that content. This also means more traffic for your blog. Alexa ranking is directly linked with the total traffic coming on to your blog. By improving the quality of content, you can improve your Alexa rankings. Content quality means that you write more researched content. Try to add image content that makes the overall look of the content interesting. Add sources that are incredibly resourceful and can truly deliver value for the readers.
Another interesting element to quality content is the uniqueness of content. Search engines love new content. Try to come up with ideas that are fresh. You are not only more likely to rank higher on search engines but you will also improve your Alexa Rankings at the same time.
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