Maintaining a TV can not only save you from costly repairs at the last minute, but also help prolong the life of your TV. Some of us also end up doing some of the most important things to do, as dust will leave the screen ruined, keeping the TV and its surroundings free from dust. Also, when you are not using the TV, turn off the TV and reduce the luminosity at all times to help in keeping your Television in the best possible condition for longer. So the next time you buy your Smart LED TV online remember these tips to prolong its life.

• Turn off your smart led TV when not in use

For some people, this is more of a reflex, which is really not good for TV in the long run. As a result, leaving the TV on even though it is not in use will shorten its lifetime. Televisions more than often come with one or two years of manufacturer's warranties, but in this situation, shortly after the manufacturer's warranty expires, you might need to have the TV fixed. Instead, when not needed, it's a good idea to make it a habit of turning off the TV. This will allow you to reduce your energy bill as well.

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• Keep the television and its sorroundings clean

As dust can leave the TV screen impaired, we suggest dusting the TV area every day. Be sure that you use a microfiber cloth when dusting. At most hardware stores, they are readily accessible and cost anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 400. These are very efficient for dusting items and TV sets as well as washing them. LED TV screens are responsive and using some harsh cleaning solutions can not be washed. No matter how careful you are when you clean the screen, the screen can be permanently damaged by harsh solutions and it can cost you almost half the price of your TV if you have to repair the TV panel. So it's best to stop using some liquid with a microfibre cloth and just brush the dust away.

• Provide enough space for ventilation

When in use, all electronics produce heat, which is why proper ventilation is a must. Some studies have also found that even a little bit of a component's temperature rise reduces its life to a large degree. Make sure the back of the TV is mounted at least 2 to 6 inches away from the wall to prevent your TV from overheating, and the sides of the TV have over 4 inches of ventilation space. Replace it with a more spacious cabinet if you have the TV in a small cabinet, or try mounting your TV on the wall. You can also position a standing fan close to the TV for ventilation.

• Adjust brightness to low

The will the light, the more energy it absorbs, note. For any appliance that radiates light, the same applies: be it a TV or even a computer. In reality, when the display is too bright, electronics consume more electricity. You will assume that the higher the brightness, the better the quality of the image. The truth, however, is that the lower the brightness configuration, the lower the consumption of electricity. Too much brightness will also shorten the life of the TV because high brightness heats up the TV easily, which in the long run will damage the screen.

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