Every marketer wants to know that if they are receiving healthy amount of business from the ads, and if yes then why aren’t people buying their products and services?

This is the problem that every digital marketer or PPC expert is facing these days and also are concerned about increasing google ads conversion rate. Google is one of the best platform to use where you can generate highest conversion rate and ROI. If you are worried about conversion rate, here are some ways to improve Google ads conversion rate.

1) Focus on headline to boost your CTR – Headline is the first impression of your ad because first impression impacts your unconscious mind. People always skip the book if it’s with a boring cover or they might skip on to the next book. Likewise, headline is an important element of a PPC ad because headline is the first thing user see or may be want to know more about it. So always come up with attractive headlines for your ad. There are various sites on google to analyze your headline which will tell you about effective headlines. You can learn more about Google Ads at Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.
2) Need to create custom landing pages for each ad segment – If you have created and running ads for multiple segments, then you need to signal to your audience that they are in the right place. The benefit of targeted landing page is it increase your conversions because you’re more specific about landing pages and viewers are actually getting the one they are looking for.
3) Make a use of SKAGs to improve your score – SKAGs commonly known as single keyword ad group which is a strategy that allows you to pair single keyword terms with a specific ad that creates extremely targeted PPC campaign. The benefit of SKAGs is it increase relevancy of ads, and improve quality score.
4) Make a use of social proof to build trust – Displaying social proof powers decisions in modern world and in fact such social proof can increase conversions by more than 90%. This idea can impact the behavior of customers and their buying decisions.
5) Remarketing – If you aren’t using remarketing then you’re truly missing out one of the most effective strategy and tools of PPC. If your conversion rate is not up to that mark, it is because you are targeting too wide of an audience. Remarketing is a strategy that targets people who have expressed interest in your business/brand in some way. They might have visited your website, either click on ad or even abandoned their shopping cart. Remarketing strategy can be incredibly effective by giving your customers that something extra which then they will buy it. Thus, enroll yourself today in Digital Marketing Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad to have a safe and successful business.
6) Eliminate distractions – It’s important to remove unnecessary things from your ad because distractions are really annoying for people who are going through your ad and are genuinely interested in your brand. You need to get rid of unnecessary links, pop-ups or anything which is not that necessary because that could potentially divert visitor’s attention and they might not buy your product or service.

To conclude, to increase PPC conversion rates, you need to test what actually works and what not. You need to be creative with your ad and need to think out of the box only then you can improve google ad conversion rate.


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