If anyone has cracked the code, on how to improve selling proficiency, while improving other quality aspects of life as well as create upward revenues, it’s Sam Selim.

After almost 30 years in top corporate selling environments, Sam says the key to selling is not in motivation at all, but in the perpetual effects of inspiration. After all, he says, “Who wants to pay for a STATIC event, when what you really need is a KINETIC process”. The problem with common-era “motivational events” is that it runs on the "moment" of "excitement", and not perpetual inspiration. He describes the difference, by reminding us of the age old adage, “Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”. His amazingly refreshing Selling-System is basically “self-propelling”, once you unlock, and integrate the simple “Cause and Effect” systems, that humanity has embraced since the beginning of early man. Sam has recently published his long awaited book, The Best How to Sell Book; Think the Think. It was first born as a moment of inspiration, while standing in a rainy storm, in the middle of an Arizona desert. The combination of all the elements and his thirst to fill a void that corporate world had created, lead to a realization, and that is what the book is all about. The concept was simple, he said, while other Selling Coaches try to build better ships, what a corporation really needs, is to raise the tide instead! So he developed the newest selling system out there today, and appropriately named it Bravo Rain Acceleration Selling System, otherwise known as BRASS. And yes, Bravo Rain was a thank you to the rain storm.

A rising tide raises all ships! BRASS is not a stand-alone event. And costs much less, and the rewards are ongoing. It is a collaborative 3-week process. Consists of 3-phases, Induction, Immersion and Propulsion – focused on Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Stretch goals. It starts with an upfront stake-holder intake session, preceded by independent predatory research, to better align, explore, plan and execute together, to set the foundation of the initial kickoff. BRASS ultimately raises the watermark of the entire sales force, its efficiency and productivity. It adjusts the trajectory of realized revenue, to meet and exceed your corporate goals, in known and unknown, yet beneficial areas. Think of it as Hard and Soft numbers, up and to the right!

Higher margins, lower cost of sale, cadence, metrics, customer longevity, SAT scores, reduces customer acquisition costs – improves retention, and unites team, efforts and improves morale - it gives you the “Stick of Glue” and “Launching Pad” that you have lost sleep over – on a path to “Best Place to Work”. It harnesses and delivers the Systems, Dimensions and Utility of time, synergy and momentum, to result in efficiency, net-new revenue, quota attainment and loyalty – in a simple and repeatable way. It is tailored to your goals, your market, your competitive landscape, with your current challenges in mind, a “Take Market-Share” philosophy, and in a way your field sales will adopt, use, and naturally tweak, through the Kinetic-Process that it is based on.

Author's Bio: 

Torsi Utley is a hr manager, consultant and educator with more than 15 experience in the field.