Imagine if we want to drive a car but the engine is not working properly then how we can run a car without an engine and what we are supposed to do. Just like that only, we human beings can not drive or we can say run our life cycle without taking care of our heart health. The heart is a support system of our body; it pumps blood all over the body, maintains blood pressure, and provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells by removing waste products (Carbon dioxide).

We only take care of our heart's health by doing heart exercises that can improve our heart condition. Being physically fit is the main step towards our good heart health and it strengthens our body to work. Exercises are the best way and it's never too late to start exercising. The main thing is to prepare a mindset that now we will start exercises, once you will get going then you will find that your decision is paying off. It only depends on your decision whether you should opt for a good heart or a weak heart life. We don’t think that we need to explain weak heart conditions. We absolutely know about the consequences of weak heart health but still, we do not want to accept the truth of our lifestyle. Ignoring this fact can cause severe health problems. There are several exercises that could maintain your physical health and your heart health too.

Let’s see some of the Heart Exercises to maintain your heart health:

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise means doing cardio which includes running, jogging and dancing, etc. This type of exercise improves the circulation of blood and oxygen and results in maintaining the heart rate and blood pressure. It reduces the risk of diabetes and controls the blood glucose in the body.

Strength work or Resistance Exercise

Strengthening exercise leads to active body life. Carrying a lot of body fat is a risk factor for heart disease and by strength training, we can reduce body fat more effectively. In a couple of weeks, we will definitely feel and see good results. It can help to create muscle mass and doing both the exercises that are aerobic and resistance exercises may help to increase HDL (good) Cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Bad cholesterol blocks the arteries which can cause a heart attack.

Stretching exercises

By doing stretching exercises you will become more flexible and free from joint pains. Although stretching will not directly contribute to heart health but still, it can make your body in a proper condition or flexible through which you can do any kind of exercise.

We can do exercises on a daily basis which will make our hearts stronger and healthier. You can start doing your exercises for at least 30 minutes a day by walking or slow running. You can increase the time of the workout or make it more challenging. Exercises not only improve the body's health but also boost our mood.

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