The process of overseeing the complete supply chain, including but not limited to order processing, inventory tracking, supply management, packaging, warehousing, and other logistics, is referred to as distribution management system, or DMS. The process of overseeing the transfer of goods from supplier to manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, and lastly to the end consumer is known as distribution management. DMS, at its heart, aids in the integration of all of these operations into a single platform, allowing the firm to operate more efficiently. Raw good vendor management, packaging, warehousing, inventory, supply chain, logistics, and occasionally even blockchain are all involved.

However, only when the distributor management software is properly deployed will it genuinely assist in increasing the profitability of the company. Along with operating as a warehouse to store products, a distribution centre also provides value-added services such as packaging, order fulfilment, product mixing, docking, and other services to serve external wholesale or retail clients by storing and transporting products. Whether a small or large organisation, distributor management software has become increasingly important in warehouse and inventory management in recent years.

Distribution Management Challenges

A multitude of disturbances might cause distribution issues. The largest problem a brand confronts when deciding on a Distributor Management System for secondary sales operations is that distributors are hesitant to accept the distributor management software provided by the brand, resulting in incomplete visibility of secondary sales data. Severe weather catastrophes, raw material shortages (e.g. bad crop years), pest damage, and epidemics or pandemics are examples of natural disruptions. Receiving and compiling data from distributors becomes challenging for distributor management systems FMCG companies. Riots, protests, conflicts, and strikes are examples of human interruptions.

Transportation disruptions include transportation vehicle breakdowns, maintenance outages, and accidents, as well as delayed flights and new or stringent transportation regulations, such as those observed in trucking. Furthermore, if no cloud integration is available, the distributor may be forced to wait until the end of the month to deliver the collected data.

Recessions, depressions, unexpected declines or spikes in consumer or market demand, new or changing fees or compliance costs, changes in currency exchange rates, and payment concerns are all examples of economic challenges. Furthermore, it provides total insight into secondary sales and assists distribution inventory management software by preventing overstocking and understocking.

Product recalls packaging concerns, and quality control issues are all examples of product disruptions. As a result, most distributors are hesitant to utilise any other DMS software. Order revisions, shipment address changes, and product returns are all examples of buyer disruptions.

Distribution Management's Benefits

Distribution management reduces waste in a variety of ways, from reduced spoilage to lower warehousing expenses, because items and supplies can be distributed when needed ("just in time" inventory), rather than retained in larger quantities ("just in case" inventory). Previously, distributor management system FMCG firms had to wait for the distributor to collect data on secondary sales execution.

Reduced shipping costs and faster delivery to customers are two benefits of distribution management. It also makes things easier for purchasers by allowing "one-stop shopping" and other conveniences and rewards, such as customer loyalty rewards programmes. Distribution inventory management software becomes much easier when you have real-time information about sales and inventories.

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