The importance of improving customer experience has been acknowledged by many companies all over the world. The consequence is an increased focus on developing better ways to improve customer experience. There are currently many research projects aimed at developing innovative methods for this purpose, one method that has been proven to be very effective in improving customer experience through text messaging.

Reliable sources have indicated that the business sector loses as much as $62 billion annually as a result of poor customer experience. Consequently, we notice a migration among businesses by customers who are in search for better customer experience and value for their patronage. To curb this trend, many companies have fully acknowledged the importance of customer experience, and they have put in place measures to improve the systems currently being used within their organizations.

Overall, the basis for developing an excellent customer experience lies in establishing good communication with your customers. Unfortunately, communication has been poorly used as a means to improve customer experience. What we witness today is an overwhelming propagation of relevant and irrelevant information which might be disturbing to the customers rather than improving their experience with the brand.

Furthermore, we have noticed the effective methods used by many smart organizations to create and develop a communication system which delivers personalized messages to the target audience. How do these companies achieve this? We discovered the secret, and there was really nothing sophisticated about it, they used text massaging.
In the following part of this article, we have discussed some reasons why text messaging has been very effective in improving customer experience.

Text message loyalty clubs

Texting customers is a good way to channel personalized messages to specific target audiences
Studies have shown that a majority of consumers out there have accepted the concept of joining SMS loyalty clubs; they choose to be members of these clubs formed by their favorite brands.

For example, this trend has been adopted by many
companies and their members of the text message loyalty clubs enjoy privileges such as special communication channels directly with sales managers and access to special offers for Electronics & Mobiles Product Review and Best Prices.

Broadcasting text messages to the consumers should be done in a way that it adds value to the consumers. The focus should be the establishments of two-way interactions between your customer support team and the customers. This way, your organization can get direct and authentic feedback from the target audience, this information will aid your strategies to improve customer experience.

Text messages contain personal and original messages

This communication strategy has been promoted by the reports which indicate an opening rate of 98% which is very impressive. This means your text messages are being read, all you have to do is to craft relevant messages in a captivating way that will be easily understood by your target audience. I can say that companies that have not included text messaging in their marketing strategies are losing a lot of potential customers and patronage. However, the use of text messaging has been abused to some extent by companies that broadcast irrelevant messages to their target audience.

The broadcast of unwanted text messages has become a nuisance to consumers generally, imagine leaving an important task to read a text message only to find out it is an unsolicited message that has no value to you. I regularly have to clear my inbox to avoid clutter.

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