For new Amazon sellers, after addressing the first question of what to sell, and next question immediately follows as where to find? We all know China is the manufacturer power house for the world, but where do we start sourcing products from china to sell on amazon ?  Here we have put together a comprehensive guide of all the important information you need to know about Amazon sourcing and importing products in bulk from China and sell on Amazon.
 Identify what product to sell on Amazon

First, you must decide what it is you want to sell on Amazon. By carrying out in-depth research on Google and Amazon you can gain inspiration on what to sell, but the real important part of this step is validating your idea. Nobody want to invest in a product that won’t sell, so make sure to do your market research and validate the idea.

 Start searching for suppliers

When you have decided on a product to sell, you can start investigating suppliers and looking for the right one for you. You can search through Alibaba’s sellers or through a China sourcing agent. However, you need to be incredibly vigilant and make sure that you find a trust-worthy one. Your potential supplier controls everything about creating and supplying your product – and that is what your business is built on. In fact, finding the trustworthy sourcing agent turned out to be the key to sourcing products from china to sell on amazon. As your China sourcing company, China Source Link will help you source for merchandise or suppliers in China. We can help you source products in all industries and we have very special expertise in consumer electronic products as we are a local Shenzhen sourcing agent where the Shenzhen electronic market is known as the sourcing capital for electronics.

 Order a sample product

After deciding on a supplier to work with, you have to order a sample. Having a sample will allow you to physically test and examine the product before you invest any further.

 If all is satisfactory, order a bulk amount

The previous steps may be tedious but they are very important and if you have done your assignment properly, the rest should run on autopilot. You can now go ahead with the shipment and make a bulk order.

 Import to the USA

When transporting large amounts of goods internationally, courier services like FedEx and UPS are going to charge you a lot. Your best option will be transporting using freight.

Freight is cheaper than courier services; however, it is also a significant amount more complicated to use. Logistic is also a very important part of Sourcing products from china to sell on amazon. A reliable shipping partner in China not only helps you to save the cost of shipping and ensure the timeliness of delivery, but also they will take care of the products to avoid damage to happen during the shipment. We offer after sales logistics service as part of our one-stop service and we can help you arrange your product’s shipping by air, ground or container and prepare all certificates and documents required by customs for import and export.

 Send to a fulfillment warehouse

You can get your goods imported directly to an Amazon Warehouse if you use Amazon FBA. This can help you streamline the entire process. This way you can get your goods sold and dispatched much more time-efficiently.

 List the products on Amazon

Now you can go ahead and list your products on Amazon, if you’re fulfilling the orders yourself, using your Seller Central account.

 Once they’ve sold, send them out to customers

The final step is fulfilling your orders! If you are using Amazon FBA, this has been taken care of for you, however, if you hold inventory yourself, you will need to fulfill your order.
Private label your products

Once you have been reselling for a while, you may have already got some royal customers that likes the price and quality of your products. By now you may want to consider original equipment manufacturer services(OEM services) or also known as private labeling, which the factory will place your own logo on the products that you sell. For electronic items, also considering electronic manufacturing services when you have already hired designers and engineers to come up with a prototype.

Shipping Tricks

We have compiled a list of helpful tricks you could use to stay ahead of the curve. China Source Link has the necessary experience and expertise to work with you on your importation journey.

Update shipping dates.  Shipping prices change almost daily and definitely during the different seasons, so ensure you adjust the shippingdates.

Beware of excess packaging.  Most shipping charges are calculated by weight so when shipping by air, ask the factory to remove anything that is not needed in the packaging.

Remove any unused product pieces. You can save a bit on the overhead by removing any unnecessary piece of your product.
How Do I Carry Out Product Inspections?

If you’re planning to order larger quantities or send more money to your supplier, you are going to want to start getting inspections done for your shipments. As your China trading company, China Source Link will help you inspect and verify your suppliers, products, and packaging. We can also arrange pickup and manage shipment.

During the inspection, we will go through your packaged goodsthat are ready to ship and check the packaging and the product. We will go through every step of a checklist and tell you everything about your shipment and send you a very detailed report about the minor or major flaws that your shipment may or may not have.

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