Hajj is the most sacred pilgrimage, however, because of the exceeding prices, it's becoming difficult for many Muslims to perform Hajj. Umrah is an accessible sacred journey that can be performed at any time by Muslims worldwide. It is a journey performed with devotion for the purification of the soul and building a connection with the Creator. To stay connected with the essence of Islam you need to be prepared and know well about the rituals. Many travel agencies around the world offer Umrah deals, but some Muslims make mistakes before embarking on this holy journey. Instead of running into the Umrah pilgrimage without any preparation and then getting worried later, it's better to do proper planning. You can avoid frustration and gain the most from your Umrah by avoiding a few mistakes.

Here are some common tips for your help to choose the right Umrah packages and have a seamless journey:

Choosing Umrah Package

You will find many travel agencies offering cheap Umrah services, it's better to select the one that goes well with your needs. The best thing to do so is to start doing your research and look for the honest reviews of previous customers. Comparing different agencies will help you find the one that suits well according to your needs. Make sure that the service provider is offering end-to-end services from start to end, including visa processing, booking flights, and arranging trips to ziyarat. Don’t miss to add the transportation, meal, and accommodation facilities, if you are choosing Umrah packages all inclusive. You can even ask for customized packages according to your needs. Take your time and do good research to choose the one that suits you well.

Know the Importance of Umrah Rituals

No matter, if it's your first Umrah or you are offering it for more than one time, you need to have correct knowledge of the rituals. Either connect with an experienced scholar or do your research through the internet. There are a lot of articles and informational videos related to Umrah rituals on YouTube.

Four rituals of Umrah are mentioned below:

- Entering into the state of Ihram. You need to wear Ihram before entering the boundaries of Haram.
- Doing Tawaf (circles around Kaaba) is the second ritual and, you have to offer two nawafil in front of Muqam e Ibrahimi after this.

- The third part is Sa’i, which is walking on foot from Safa to Marwah and Marwah to Safa seven times.
- The last step for men is to shave their heads completely and women have to cut 2 inches of hair.
Travel agencies often give Umrah guides along with the Umrah Packages to help you learn the steps of Umrah.

Umrah Packages of Different Days

Umrah can be done within a few hours but you need to make the most of it and must spend maximum time in the sacred places of Makkah and Madinah. There are Umrah packages of 7 days, 15 days, 21 days, and 28 days. You can choose the one according to your budget and schedule. The most popular is the 21-day Umrah trip, which allows you to spend equivalent days in Makkah and Madinah. You would have enough time to offer prayers, seek repentance from sins, and make your faith stronger.

Get Your Visa and Documentation Ready

You need to have a visa to travel from a different country to Saudi Arabia, it's better to get everything before the time you plan your pilgrimage. Often the companies offer visa processing in the best Umrah packages, if you are planning to do it yourself make sure to get everything done on time. Don’t make the mistake of losing your documents at home. Besides a visa, you need to have a proper certificate of vaccination for disease in your country. Arranging everything by yourself can be quite difficult so you can connect with a proper travel agency to avoid any mistakes.

Flight Ticket and Accommodation

Get the complete knowledge about your Umrah package. Whether you choose cheap Umrah deals or luxurious Umrah packages, ensure to know the details of your accommodation. Have complete knowledge of any reservations in Makkah and Madinah. The best thing is to choose the accommodation place nearest to Masjid al-Haram and Masjid e Nabawi. This would save you from the frustration of traveling and help you save more time.

Pack Accordingly

To avoid any health issues, know the details of the weather in Makkah and Madinah. Sometimes the weather is mild in Makkah but while entering the Haram you’ll feel really cold as the HVAC system there is working 24/7. It would be difficult for you to sit inside the Mosque. Pack all the essentials before Umrah booking. However, if you are traveling in summer pack comfortable clothing that goes well with the weather. Your Abaya should be made of soft and thin material, also for men, it's better to wear an Ihram that can soak sweat and is easy to wear.

Final Thoughts

To maximize your Umrah experience it's better to book Umrah packages with flights, this will help you to avoid last-minute frustration. Embarking on the pilgrimage of Umrah is the dream of every Muslim and one should make sure to make it a comfortable and smooth journey. This can be possible if you choose the right Umrah travel agency like Muslims Holy Travel. Indeed, your journey will be unforgettable and smooth.

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This can be possible if you choose the right Umrah travel agency like Muslims Holy Travel. Indeed, your journey will be unforgettable and smooth.