Sending your kid to school for the very first time is one of the most important and memorable events of your life. This is the time when the foundation of life gets laid for your kid, and the child learns to adapt to the surroundings, stepping out of the cozy comfort ofhome. Though the first day at school is an experience for every child, it is of more importance, how the child manages the day with people, he/she hardly knows.

We, at JP International School, recognized among the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida, understand that whenever a child goes out in the strange world to meet and mix with unknown people, he/she tries to adjust with the environment, peers, and circumstances in his/her own unique way. But to make this journey smoother and hassle-free, it is primarily you, the parents, who can support your kids in many ways and get them ready for the final day. So here, we are sharing with you today, some of the ways in which you can make your kids experience an easy transition to their school life.

Help them bond with the teachers

When children go to school, they step out of the warmth of their parents and house to reach out to a place less known. Kids open up only when they feel safe and protected in the new environment, and teachers can be the best bet in making them feel loved, cared, and protected. If you can make your kids understand that teachers are helpful, caring, and supportive, they will feel safe and secured while away from home. Hence, instead of telling the kids that you will complain to the teachers for their bad behavior or things like that, encourage them to get attached to the teachers and openly interact with them as and when they want to.

Let them mix with peers

School offers every child an excellent platform to develop social interactions, of which making friends is the most critical development a child experiences. Encourage your kids to mix with other children at school so that they eventually end up making a comfort zone of their own. Friends are always the key elements of everyone’s life, and for children, friends can be the source of interest in school. If you observe that your child is no longer feeling blue on Monday mornings, he/she might have established strong bonds with peers.

Make goodbyes easy

For many children, the hardest moment is to bid farewell to their parents while going to school every morning. But you can make the situation more relaxed and happier. All you have to convey is that you will be waiting for your little one when the school gets over. Or, you can also utter words of warmth and comfort. An easy conversation can always break the ice and make situations better.

Help the kid battle the fears

For toddlers, a school is a strange place, and they might feel insecure or unsafe as well. It takes time to develop bonds with teachers or other children, and for that period, kids might feel shaky or frightened. You can share your childhood memories of the school to ease the situation and create a positive impression about school in your kid’s mind. These discussions will help the kid get over his/her fears. Also, you can ask about the day’s experience of the child at school to appreciate some of the events or incidents to boost the spirit of the little one.

Stay connected

No matter how your child is reacting to the experience of going to school every day for the first few days, stay connected and communicate seamlessly to stay aware of the exact state of mind of your child. This will help you to understand the difficulties he/she might be facing, and you can then help them more appropriately.

At JP International School, we have strived to create a rather candid environment for children that makes them feel good and positive. Instead of being overly strict, we help them gel with the surroundings during the first few days and gradually make them a part of the learning system without letting them realize the same.

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We teach the kids through interactive sessions, story-telling classes, games, and fun activities that allow them to connect with the school environment and keep them out of any fear or pressure. No wonder, children love to call JPIS their second home.

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