Preparing childrenfor the competitive world ahead is indeed necessary, and for that,it is essential that they feel motivated to learn and grow as per the changing times. However, the fact is that motivating children to learn is not aneasy task. Most parents often resort to external motivators to drive that learning enthusiasm in kids. However, continuing to encourage kids this way would not benefit them in the long run. It is critical to encourage intrinsic motivation in children to keep them interested in acquiring new skills and exploring new interests.

Intrinsic motivation is an inner drive that serves to retain the interest of the young minds in the process of learning and achieving without the need for badges, certificates, or other perks. It propels a person to pursue an activity, solely for their enjoyment, and not because of any external pressure, outcomes, or rewards.

Need For Intrinsic Motivation

Children who are intrinsically motivated are generally more successful, show better academic results, and have a strong sense of personal commitment to learning. They perform more persistently than othersand are less likely to quit when faced with challenges. Moreover, studies have revealed that those who are intrinsically motivated are a lot more creative and have the capability to come up with novel ideas and solutions.

When it comes to young children, studying out of interest and curiosity is highly important than doing it for winning a badge or award. Students with intrinsic motivation are more likely to be lifetime learners. These children prefer reading for delectation, and this quality of their benefits them throughout their academic years and beyond.

Tips to Develop Intrinsic Motivation in Children

  • Praise efforts, not personality traits

Calling a kid smart or talented is an extrinsic motivator. Report cards and behavior charts are a reward for students, implying their accomplishment in favorable comparison with co-students. However, it is important that instead of praising your kid for getting a grade A in the report card, mention how hard he had studied and the efforts have now been paid off. This way, he will not rest on the laurels but will improve his ability to work hard despite the outcome. Children who are taught to value efforts rather than results are more likely to grow up with confidence and self-esteem.

  • Keep a record of their progress:

It is good to point out your kid’s progress and keep a record of the milestones achieved. It helps to instill in kids a sense of accomplishment. For instance, keeping track of the number of books they have read or telling them how far they have improved in academics can help them feel successful in what they do. Italsohelps to let them know how far they have come. This feeling of being successful thereby serves to breed confidence in them and motivates themto reach out for the next goal.

  • Limit extrinsic motivators:

Extrinsic motivators are not necessarily bad, but relying too much on them will definitely do no good for kids in the long run. It might be hard in the start, but limiting outside motivators is necessary. When you limit the external motivators, it will help children to recognize their feelings of pride and self-satisfaction in doing something, rather than doing it all for merely the reward. Whether it is a toy, treat, or a negative reward like punishment, it works only for a short term. The real problem with bribing kids to do something is that they grow up believing that every action they do, must always deserve an additional reward.

We, at JP International School,recognized as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, have always considered the overall character and personality development an important part of education impartation. We believe just the way we impart knowledge and skills to students, it is essential that equal attention is paid to instilling in them the essential character traits that enable them to grow into strong and resilient individuals. We have hence implemented an effective learning philosophy at our school that lays special focus on the intellectual and holistic development of the students.

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At JPIS, we strive to empower students in every possible way, and what can be a better means to do that than developing intrinsic motivation in them!

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