Be positive, repeat affirmations or even learn to love yourself are the automated responses most people and most websites on the internet give you. Only problem is these ideas and suggestions are way too simple. Being confident is a way to complexes idea to cover in a few sayings or actually even in one article. To thoroughly, explain building confidence would take years and years of research and thousands of articles. This article rather than explaining and defining confidence building, this article will build the foundation for you to build on and hopefully make you a better more confident person.

It is all in your mind.

It doesn't take many years of study in psychology to understand confidence comes from within and YOU, yes only you have the power over how confident you are, and how confident you feel. Recognizing this fact is your first step to a confident you.

Distorted beliefs and lack of self confidence

People everywhere in the world deal with insecurity for one thing or another, for example an average looking person might be confident of his looks if he believes that looks aren't everything. While a more attractive person might feel insecure or worthless if he believes he must look like a mode to be loved. This proves confidence is not a materialistic thing but rather an invisible aura that starts and comes from within.

Even Hollywood celebrities feel insecurity

That's the reason why you see all those plastic surgeries happening and all those issues over makeup. The second step to being more confident is to believe the right way. Never think too much about your looks or yourself. The more humble you are the confident you will be. If you believe with your full spirit that you are confident, yup you guessed it you will be confident.

Remember the most important step is to fix your beliefs

Who said you must make outstanding achievements in order to be loved?

Who said you must be very attractive and beautiful in order to be happy?

Who said you must be rich and wealthy in order to be worthy?

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