We can tap into the source of everything by overcoming the constant internal monologue of our rational mind through meditation. We can utilize this connection once we’ve established it in our lives by focusing our attention and energy. We can and do influence the source whether we have established a conscious connection or not. This connection strengthens our ability to remain grounded and self-empowered—relying on the real source inside ourselves. By maintaining this connection to the source, our desires are realized with diminishing effort on our part. The time that lapses between our desire and its fulfillment also decreases.

There are multi-dimensional aspects to our lives. First, we are physical beings, bound by the laws of physics and the illusory world made up of atoms that appear, according to our senses, to be solid. The physical world is everything we can see, hear, and experience with our five senses.

But we are also subtle beings. At this level of existence the atoms aren’t quite as densely grouped as they first appeared to be. Therefore, our experience at this level comes in the form of less tangible thoughts and emotions.

On a third, separate level, we are completely intangible beings. This aspect of our being is infinite, something that can’t be defined by space or time. It’s the intelligence that holds us together, the source of all the particles seen in the other aspects of our being. It is that field of power and potential energy known by the field of quantum physics as “waves” of potentiality.

So how do these waves of potentiality turn into particles of information? In other words, how is that potential actualized? How does anything come from nothingness to become something? How do we get what we want?

The answer is simple. As Einstein said, if the answer is simple it’s divine, but complicated answers are constructed by the human mind.

First, our own thoughts transform a “wave” of potentiality into a particle of information. All of our memories and future thoughts are stored as pieces of information, or potentiality, in a virtual filing cabinet. Turning our attention to a certain memory or thought activates that piece of information; with prolonged attention, the energy surrounding it will begin to attract similar particles—or repel them, depending on the positive or negative nature of your attention. The more intense your focus, the greater the likelihood these pieces of information will become solid enough to form as a physical reality in your life.

You are the creator of all your experiences. If you focus on negative events in your past and continually relive the emotional and physical pain associated with it, you begin to attract negative particles into your present experience. This is precisely why bad things happen to good people. If you have a good heart but are held back by fear from past experience, you’re setting yourself up for suffering.

The Source of all thought and emotion is absolute. It has no preferences; it just is. It only knows how to give or create. It gives exactly what we ask it to give based on what we focus on and pour our energy into. This is why fear is so dangerous—it leads us to focus on things we don’t really want, such as illness or failure. If we are fearful of falling ill, the Source only picks up on the subject of our attention and gives it back to us. Law is law, and gravity will not suspend itself because Johnny fell out of the window and never did anything to deserve this.

To start creating a successful life, it’s crucial we are aware and present with ourselves so we know exactly what we are focusing our attention and energy on. Mindfulness is key. We need to be clear with our intentions—if we don’t know where we’re going, we may end up anywhere. Finally, we need to be a witness and observer of our own lives; acting as a third-person observer shifts our awareness to the perspective of the real source, the higher self. This action begins the process of freeing you from the reactive, conditioned mind, as long as you observe without judgment. As you become fully aware of your thoughts and emotions, they will not have as much power over you. You will be able to respond to life more consciously rather than react and regret.

Author's Bio: 

Laura Nash is a mentor and teacher guiding both individuals and groups within organizations to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: peace of mind. Trained and certified by Deepak Chopra, Laura is a well-established teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. She offers meditation seminars to the general public as well as private mentoring for groups or individuals. Visit her website at http://lauranash.com.