So far, I've talked about Ad Swaps and JV Giveaways.

Today, I'm going to tell you the fastest way to get tons and tons of free traffic and leads...

Your Own Affiliate Program!

It’s really not that difficult to get started.

Just follow these steps:

1. Buy private label rights to a hot product. You can find tons of products to sell by searching for "private label rights products" or "PLR products" on Google.
Open up the source files, and modify the content to make it unique. Add additional content that you feel will improve the product, then package it with all new graphics and revised sales copy, etc.

2. Sign up for a ClickBank merchant account – ClickBank will process your orders and pay your affiliates for you automatically!

Go here to sign up...

3. Set up an affiliate promotion page – this is where your affiliates can sign up and get promotion tools like solo ads, classified ads, and banners.

4. Pay affiliates 75% commission to send leads to your squeeze page and build your list for you. *75% is the highest allowed commission level at Clickbank.
Alternately, you can setup an affiliate program through and too and pay up to 100% to attract more affiliates!

Talk to you next time…

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