The number one question that I always get from new affiliate marketers is, “How do I get traffic to m squeeze page?” My advice is to use methods that have been proven to work. Try one method at a time. Make it work for you, and then move on to something else.
Today, I'm going to talk about the power of...Ezine Ad Swaps.
I’ve used this method to add thousands of new subscribers to my list in a single day.
Here's how it works:
You simply make a verbal agreement with another list owner to send his ad to your list. In return, he ends your ad to his list. If your lists are both the same size, it stops there. But if your list is bigger or smaller, you compensate by sending more or fewer ads.

For example, if your list is 2,000 and his is 4,000, you would send his ad twice and he would send your ad just once.

Of course size doesn’t always matter. Results are what really count. So if you get good results from a particular ad swap, you may want to try it again. Use a tracking link so you know how many subscribers you received. If you got good results, see if the list owner wants swap ads again.

Here are a few resources for setting up ad swaps:

You can download no-cost ad tracking software here:
More traffic tips to come.

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