How to get rid of period cramps? Menstrual cramps don't have to make you squirm and ruin your day. A healthy diet and some exercise can alleviate these pains. It is good that you know some movements that are key to reducing period pain. Let's discover how to get rid of period cramps fast below.

What are menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are usually caused when your uterus (womb) contracts to shed its lining. The feeling is not very good, but it impresses, right?

Do you know that period pain is so exhausting that it leaves you even without strength? We know a few things that relieve period pain. Maybe a little chocolate can comfort you or lie on the sofa with a hot water bottle, even though there are days when you deserve that pampering if you see it on the bright side.

But what is happening to you? What is period pain, and what causes it? We answer those questions below.

Menstrual pain is that discomfort that you can feel a day or two before your period comes, often lasting during the first days of it.

Symptoms of period pain include a sharp pain that you may feel in your lower abdomen, lower back, and even upper thighs a day or two before your period starts.

What causes period pain?

Prostaglandins, messenger molecules of the body, cause menstrual pain. These cause the uterus (womb) to contract to expel the lining of the uterus (the endometrium). The lining comes out as a reddish liquid through the vagina, that is, the period.

These contractions are perceived as menstrual cramps and are the cause of the famous painful rules. Prostaglandins, these "fun" molecules, can also cause nausea or diarrhea.

Having a hefty flow can be a reason for a painful period. Our body has to expel more blood periods. This is what causes that more intense period of pain.

The good news is that not all periods are the same. One month may be heavier, the next lighter, or vice versa.

How to get rid of period cramps fast?

  • Exercise and stretch: Relaxing the muscles helps relieve menstrual pain.

  • Rub the bottom of your belly: This will help relax your muscles and provide respite from period pain.

  • A pain reliever can ease the pain of your period: These medications can help reduce period pain. 

  • Vitamin B1 or magnesium supplements can make your period painless, as well as bloating and other PMS symptoms. 

  • A little warmth is always good: for example, take a hot bath or find a thermal bag for your lower abdomen or back. The heat will help reduce the effects of menstrual cramps.

Getting your period can be a drag - as if you didn't know that! Bloating, cramps, PMS, ATTITUDE; the list goes on! There are months when you can feel regular, but this is how menstruation works, so take advantage of these tips to treat yourself as you deserve.

How to get rid of period cramps? 

Well, make sure to pamper yourself during menstruation. Follow the steps below. 

A bubble bath

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than a hot bubble bath. First, ensure you can hog the bathroom for at least 45 minutes; a family member or roommate banging on the door every 5 minutes is NOT relaxing.

Set the mood by lighting some scented candles around the bathtub (ask your parents first). Play relaxing music. Fill the bathtub with thousands of bubbles and your favorite soap. Lie back and relax. You deserve it!

Plan a movie night

Choose a movie marathon and relax on the couch. enjoy your favorite snacks. You can buy yourself a box of chocolate or a bag of gourmet jelly beans. Do you prefer something salty? Here's a recipe: mix onion sauce with sour cream and grab your favorite chips. (Don't count calories, a day is a day!)

Dress up or make yourself comfortable

There is nothing better than your favorite sweatpants. They're soft, comfortable, and look great whatever the month. Take advantage and wear them throughout the day. Comfort in these cases is paramount. You can also choose the other way. 

Fix yourself 

Sometimes when you're feeling down, dressing can lift your spirits. Choose an elegant yet comfortable outfit, so you'll feel so beautiful all day you'll forget you're on your period. It's another way to pamper yourself. The key is that you feel comfortable and safe.

Go to your favorite restaurant.

If you wish to know: how to get rid of period cramps fast, make sure you do what makes you happy. Plan a night to go to your favorite restaurant with your favorite person, be it your boyfriend, best friend, or mother. Treat yourself to a starter and a non-alcoholic drink of your choice. Choose your favorite main dish.

Whatever way you choose to pamper yourself like a queen, make sure it's something that makes you feel relaxed and exceptional. read a good book, painting your nails, or taking an extra-long shower. Having your period can be challenging, so go easy on yourself and spend quality time.

And you, what pampering do you give yourself when you have your period? Follow all our tips on "how to get rid of period cramps" to feel the difference.

How to relieve period pain?

Understanding the reason for painful periods can help you find a solution to relieve your discomfort. muscle contraction is one of the main reasons for painful periods, it's best to focus on activities that help your muscles relax and lengthen.

If you have terrible menstrual cramps, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the pain.

Is the pain still there?

If you've tried all of these ideas to no avail, it may be time to talk to your doctor about getting rid of period cramps and treating them. Make an appointment at USA Fibroids Center, bring your menstrual calendar and recent food diary, and tell her about any medications, drugs, vitamins, or mineral supplements you're taking.

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