YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website with more than 1.2 billion viewers. In fact, this is about one sixth of the world population.

If you have a YouTube channel obviously you have caught some of these viewers, but the most important is how to boost your public for long-period.

For this purpose, you need not just viewers of your videos, but engaged subscribers who will watch, share, like your content.

In this article I will share useful tactics how to start to get free YouTube subscribers.

Create a pitch for your YouTube channel

Starting with extraordinary pitch for your new YouTube channel is very important tool that’s relevant to all new comers, doesn’t matter if they are you are entrepreneurs or creators.

The best place of this so-called elevator pitch is where your audience will search what your channel is about. For example, it could be in the intro section.

There are different ways to invite your viewers to subscribe or leave comment. The most common of course is when in the end of the video the creators tell: “If you liked this video, please hit the thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe.”

In my opinion there is a little better and simpler option. Tell to your viewers what`s about will be your next content, when do you post your content. This pitch will capture the attention much more and the viewer will be more likely to start subscribing you.

Get together with other YouTubers with analogous viewer

Doing business with other creators recently became very popular and in fact is great way to explore new public.
One option is to connect with channel owners that you would like to cooperate with and to offer cross-promotion. This is a method whereby you can reach channel to advertise your services and products to new audience. To simplify, you find partner with similar public and cross-promote each other. Benefits: cheap and effective.

Sub4sub principle

One very fast and 100% secure way to boost your subscribers is the sub4sub principle which means "you subscribe me, I subscribe you".

How this principle works? You will need to watch and like few videos of other members and subscribe their channels. When it's done, your channel will get promotion - other members will watch your recent video, like it and subscribe your channel. You can use this simple algorithm to get 1,000 subscribers that are required to enable YouTube monetization for your channel. With this principle you can reach up to 20 free YouTube subscriber every day.

Use Facebook Groups to advertise your content on YouTube

It is not secret that Facebook is the most popular online platform and it gives opportunity to find groups for all existing themes – from health care to favorite games and professional advices. On Facebook via keyword search bar you can find group that suits to your YouTube channel. If you sell products on local market it is also possible to find local groups for buyer and sellers.

Take in mind there are software that can find webpages where are mentioned specific keywords you have chosen in advance. There you can give comments with sharing link of your YouTube video. Definitely this method will boost your audience.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.