Whether we’re talking about your personal life or your career, learning how to get liked by people will open a lot of opportunities for you.

Individuals who have that magnetic personality or irresistible charm can use it to their advantage, not only to be successful socially, but also to achieve any goal they put their minds into.

If you’ve ever wondered how to win more friends, or just be more attractive and appealing to other people, here are 3 simple steps that can help you.

Step 1: Smile.

This is the oldest trick in the book, but is also the most effective. It is also by far the simplest and the easiest.

When you smile, you send positive communication signals to other people. A smile says you are friendly, open and approachable, without even using words or complicated gestures. It is a welcoming symbol.

If you really want to learn how to get liked by people, then smile genuinely as you think about their positive qualities. You will not only make people feel happy, but you will also feel better yourself.

Step 2: Be Confident.

It would be almost impossible to get liked by others unless you like yourself first. Remember that you have many good qualities - remind yourself about them every day. Make it a point to make yourself feel great.

When you boost your self-esteem and you exude self-confidence, you also inspire other people and make them want to be around you. This should not be confused with arrogance or vanity though. Use your confidence to uplift or motivate others, not put them down.

Knowing how to get liked by people starts with yourself. If you like yourself, others will see and follow suit.

Step 3: Listen.

Be sensitive and attentive to know when to keep quiet and let others do the talking. Being able to listen to what other people are saying, no matter how trivial they may seem, shows that you are a person who respects.

It shows them that you are not self-centered and self-important. You care about what they have to say, and you give the time and effort to take these into account.

When you listen, you also make others feel good about themselves; hence, they would want to spend more time in your company.

Step 4: Learn To Laugh At Your Mistakes.

Don’t overthink your flaws or take everything seriously. Don’t worry about making mistakes; in fact, being too perfect can actually backfire. Just acknowledge your follies when you make them and learn from the experience. Laugh at yourself and make others laugh too.

The most important thing to remember if you really want to know how to get liked by people is to exert the effort to make others feel better about themselves.

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