Knowing how to get close to someone you like may spell the difference between being with the person of your dreams and watching them get away.

Sometimes, people become really shy and awkward in the presence of the ones they like that they can’t talk to them or even approach them. This is a common problem, especially for those who aren’t the social type.

If you’re wondering how to get close to someone you like, here are 3 simple steps that can help:

Step 1: Introduce (or Reintroduce) Yourself.

The first step is introducing yourself to that person. No matter if your intentions are friendly or romantic, making the first move shows that you’re interested to know that person better and have them be a part of your life.

Even when you are already friends, reintroduce yourself as someone who would want to take a closer, more active role in their life. But don't overdo it to avoid appearing desperate. Simply let them know that you find them great to be with and you enjoy their company.

Step 2: Be Interested in Their Interests.

This is one way you can spend quality time with the person you like and get to know them better at the same time. Capitalize on your common interests, but don’t limit yourself to these activities. Venture out and try other things that they love to do.

This will show that you are willing to spend the time and exert the effort to be with them. It will also give you the perfect “excuse” to stay in touch.

Step 3: Be Free and Be Honest.

If you want to learn how to get close to someone you like, it’s important to remember that you should be yourself. Some people think that building a larger-than-life image of themselves to the persons they like is the best step in getting closer and being with them.

Though this may catch their attention at first, these impressions will be more difficult to maintain in the long run. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have that person like you for who you really are?

Being free and honest in the early part of the relationship establishes a stronger and more sincere connection in the future.

Aside from these, the most important step in learning how to get close to someone you like is to ensure that you create an open communication line, so you can freely express yourself and continuously get to know each other.

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