You have to do something about it if you have a bad credit score. Otherwise, this can lead to further financial turmoil. However, bad credit should not keep you from materializing your already delayed home renovation plan. Applying for a home mortgage loan with bad credit is different from getting a home renovation loan when the numbers are low. If you believe that you cannot get a bad credit home improvement loan then you are wrong. Though you may not be comfortable with the interest rates and terms and conditions of the loan, getting home mortgage loans and home improvement loans are within your reach.

bad credit home improvement loan

So, if you are looking for a bad credit home improvement loan , we have compiled a list of options available to you. Meanwhile, you should work with one of the best credit repair companies to increase your credit score. You need to do a little work on your end to secure funds for the renovation of your house. Let’s learn more about your options.

Government Loans

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides homeowners with a range of programs to secure loans for home repair or renovation projects. FHA’s Streamlined 203(k) program is one such program. This program permits you to finance up to $35,000 into your mortgage to improve, repair or upgrade your house. FHA Title 1 loan is also an option available to you. In case your home improvement loan is not approved, you can take advantage of this option as well to get money to improve your house.

Private Lenders

Though private lenders also check your credit scores, risk scores and other scores, they are not as strict as traditional lenders. You can work with a private lender specialized in home improvement loans for bad credit. So, don't worry if you are working on your bad credit score, a private lender can address your needs.

A direct lender gives his own money to the borrowers. So, he does not approve a deal that is likely to fail. First of all, he makes sure that the borrower can pay off the debt. If the lender finds you capable of paying off, you can easily get a direct loan for home revocation.


You can also consider a co-signer if you have questionable credit. You can find some other party ready to sign into the debt. This can also help in securing a lower interest rate. One of your close friends or a family member may co-sign.

Alternative Lending Opportunities

There are some informal options available to you if you are looking for home improvement loans with bad credit. You can get money from your peers. You might also have heard of something called micro-lending. In this type of lending, a small lender helps the borrower with an incremental loan. You can also look at the local credit union for help. You might get home improvement loans with bad credit.

However, keep in mind that you are likely to pay higher interest rates because of your poor credit record. So, don't proceed without doing proper research. Compare the interest rates and terms of all the options. Don't ignore the fact that the risk of scams and frauds is also high.

Repair Your Credit Score

When you have got a home renovation loan despite having bad numbers, it is time to repair your credit score. You can find a credit repair company or take some steps on your own. Keep in mind that it takes time to repair your credit score. Following are the steps you can take:

Check Your Credit Score

You are allowed to get a free copy of your credit report from credit bureaus once a year. Get one copy from each bureau. Don't just check your credit score but also try to understand it. You must review your credit report regularly to make sure that there is no false information affecting your credit score.

Identify Areas To Be Improved

Your credit report contains both the negative and positive information used to calculate your credit score. It contains information including personally identifiable information, credit accounts, credit inquiries and public record and collections. Look for inaccurate information on your credit score. You should also look for evidence of identity theft.

Repair your credit score

Once you have marked inaccurate information, it is time to report it and get it removed. You cannot remove all the negative pieces of information from your credit report. Bankruptcies, late payments and other negative pieces of information stay on the report for respective specific periods of time. In addition to disputing errors, you can also take the following steps:

  • Make payments on time.

  • Pay bills on time.

  • Request creditors to direct bureaus to remove late payments.

  • Increase your credit limits.

  • Maintain a good credit card utilization ratio.

  • Pay down outstanding balances.

  • Pay-off high-interest credit accounts first.

  • Become an authorized user.

  • Keep your old credit cards.

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