Knowing how to find your calling in life is everyone’s goal. Being able to do so is necessary to live a happy and contented life.

Some people have found their purpose early on; and they are the lucky ones, because they know exactly what to do with their life. Your childhood friend, for example, may have always wanted to be an actress and that is what she wanted to pursue for a lifetime.

The rest of us may find it difficult – sometimes almost impossible - to figure out that certain passion, mission or vocation, especially in this ever changing modern world.

If you want to know what path to take, or learn how to find your calling in life, answering the following questions could help you in this life-changing process.

What Are Your Talents?

Finding out what you are good at - what your natural talents, skills and strengths are – can significantly help you find your purpose. Determine what the common areas are, or if there are any significant patterns to them.

What Suits Your Personality?

Taking a personality assessment will help you identify where you will best thrive at. This will also help you learn more about yourself, so you can accept your strengths and weaknesses.

Being aware of your personality is important because it also determines where you will be most happy or productive.

What Difference Would You Like To Make?

All of us would like to be significant, to leave a mark, to be remembered for something. What is it that you care most about?

You would know how to find your calling in life by identifying the areas that hold meaning to you, or where you find meaning in.

What Are Your Most Memorable Moments?

Unforgettable, extraordinary or unexpected experiences shape our lives and make us who we are today. These can be the happiest, saddest or the most bewildering moments in our lives.

What are the moments you would want to relive? What are those you want to forget? Find the pattern and follow that which makes you the happiest.

What Are Your Lifelong Dreams?

Don’t limit yourself and your dreams with your current circumstances or problems. They are lifelong dreams for a reason. They are real, honest indications of what your deepest desires are. Let these dreams inspire you and steer you in the right direction.

Learning how to find your calling in life is a process. Don’t get discouraged if it does not come easily. Just keep an open heart and mind, and remember that you can always find your purpose in life if you really want to.

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