First, let us clarify the purposes of hiring new specialists in your team. Before you hire Ruby developers, you need to decide why you need them. Goals may vary, but mainly they can divide into several categories:

Develop web application (SPA, Single page application)
Develop and support mobile application
Migrate app data
Fix current problems: upgrade RoR version, and so on
Basing on this information, here are three nominal types of RoR specialists you might require: in-house coders, freelancers, and a team or company of Ruby professionals. Each of these types has its website type where it can be present.

Hire In-House Ruby on Rails Developers
These are full-time Ruby programmers working in your office with your company only. You may easily manage them, reach out, and communicate without any delays. Websites suitable for this type of collaboration are usually large work job search portals.

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